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So, I've sucked at writing up the last few Science on Top episodes. Mostly because I missed episode 19 and, because I wasn't actually in it, just forgot about writing it up. And then each episode just kept piling up and it became a know how it is. "I'll do it! Really I will! I'll...ah bugger it. Mañana. And obviously, mañana turned into many mañanas. Yes, I'm aware that that's not the plural form of mañana.

Anyway, update dump:

Science on Top 19 - Piece By Piece

Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall, guest Tom Sidwell.

Larger brains and eyes in people from Polar regions is an adaptive trait for living in hellishly cold, dark places;
How we outcompeted Neandertal man;
Earth's first-detected trojan asteroid;
Volcanos on the 'dark side' of the moon;
*Ed's moon pr0n.

Science on Top 20 - Smooshed
Ed Brown, moi, Penny Dumsday, Lucas Randall, Kylie Sturgess (guest).

Kylie Sturgess is awesome. She is a high-profile science communcator and was awesome value. She blogs at PodBlack Cat and hosts the Token Skeptic podcast, amongst many other things.

Earth might have had two moons once - and now we have one due to a 'smooshing' (yep, technical term);
Comfort eating makes us happy (and I ramble about Belgium because I'm a dumbarse);
You and your belly-button microflora;
Sperm made in vitro (well, mostly) capable of use in reproduction;
Vampire bats and the molecular mechanism by which they detect your blood...mwah hah hah;
The salty, bitter tears of Mars.

Science on Top 21 - Don Who
Ed Brown, moi, Lucas Randall, Simon Taylor (guest).

Electronic skin grafts and temporary tattoos could change...everything;
Matryoshka-style bacteria in mealybugs is a unique three-tiered symbiotic relationship that could explain a lot about the origina of organelles;
Playing billiards with asteroids;
* Lucas pimps Phil Plait. Again.
The blurring of science fact and science fiction;
* The Fact or Fiction quiz!

Science on Top 22 - Some Wrongness In There
Ed Brown, moi, Lucas Randall, Tom Sidwell and Mike McRae (guests).

Mike McRae is a most interesting fellow. He is the author of Tribal Science: Brains, Beliefs and Bad Ideas, which is on top of my "to-read" list, and he talked at length about the theories he sets forth in the book, which I could've listened to all night. But Ed's a big meanie and moved us on.

A highly-experimental cancer treatment involving recognition of a ubiquitous cell marker shows promise;
Suicide bombing bacteria are BADASS;
Is evolution predictable?;
A new controversy over the age of the moon.

Science on Top 23: Open-Cut Mines are Scenic
Lucas Randall, moi and Penny Dumsday.

We've lost Ed for about a month (or something) - he's at Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. And there's no way I'm providing a link to that. Anyway, Lucas has kindly taken over hosting and all editing duties for the time being. Poor bastard...

Transposons ('jumping genes') and their role in evolution;
We rooted Neandertals and Denisovans and took their best bits for our own genes...;
Planet made of diamond discovered;
Another mammalian fossil which closes a 'gap' in the fossil record;
The mad Chinese plan to knock a potentially-catastrophic asteroid from hitting us in the future;
3.4 billion year-old microfossils in Western Australia shed light on the early Earth conditions;
Using bacteria in insects to prevent the spread of dengue fever.

PHEW! Remind me to never delay writing up SoT again...
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