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Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons; then make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

[ profile] fvck picked:

: The icon I use whenever I encounter stoooopid. And as this is the intertwats, I tend to use it a lot. Although, as I've been largely absent from LJ for a while, I've used it less. Actually, that point applies to pretty much all my icons. This one is the long version, where you see the little guy's headsauce just go nuts.

: I've used this one ironically and sincerely. But only when people who know me well enough know that I'm also expressing genuine sympathy, whilst also hoping it makes them chuckle and possibly feel a bit better about Their Lot. Also during emo moments when I'm trying to be self-deprecating.

: Can be used interchangeably with the head-desk/keyboard dude, although I tend to reserve it for moments of my own stooopid, or when it's just all too much and when self-immolation is looking rather tempting.

: Laboratory rats! When I was doing my PhD I tended to use it for lab-related issues. Then when I worked as a postdoc, it came out every now and then. Now it's used in my Science On Top posts. When I do them, that is. A lot of the time, it was how I felt - a little helpless rodent pawn in the big, unforgiving machine that is Science.

: The two most important females in my life, Eva and Jezebel (wife and dog, respectively. Obviously. At least, I hope it's obviously evident...)

Looking at these icons, I'm realising that I've had them for a long time. Might be time for an update.
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