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Yeah, again, I suck at updating my Science on Top entries. So here are the last three:

Science on Top #51 - Even Crazier Mutants - April 7 2012 (yeah, as I said....oops).

Special guest was immunologist Tom Sidwell, he of the very breathy voice (I think his damn mike is too close to his mouth or something...). Regardless, it's always good having someone on who's still in bench research.

Direct link to the mp3 file; 44:48

Topics: Whooping cough and the evasion of the pertussis vaccine, the gut microbiome revisited, lunar origins, how we tamed fire, braaaains, and Van Gough's sunflowers.


Science on Top #52 - They're Bees, Not Borg - April 16 2012.

The Dream Team! (i.e. we couldn't get a guest)

Direct link to the mp3 file; 37:16

Topics: Killing bacteria with phallic objects (no, not really), new genetic fingerprinting technique and the privacy issues therein, dental xrays and brain tumours, the bee ball of death, how evolution copies itself, hyenas and giving up food for lent (yeah, it's not as interesting as it sounds), and another fucking feathered dinosaur.


Science on Top #53 - Rats Of The Sky - April 22 2012

The Dream Team - AGAIN! And - my lovely wife Eva, who jumped in one one of the topics because it's very close to what she works in. Yes, she eavesdrops on SoT sometimes, and it was really great for her add her input.

Direct link to the mp3 file; 38:12

Topics: Cave bacteria and antibiotic resistance, baboons can read words(?), the cocktail party problem and CREEPY AS FUCK JAPANESE ROBOTS, IQ and its genetic switches, and the biological basis for the homing sense of pigeons still hasn't been elucidated.


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