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The Homicidal Urges

Various rantings and procrastination

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Birthdate:May 9
Location:Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Fuck Knuckles.

That is all.

Interests (130):

'allo 'allo, (some) black metal, acoustic blues, amateur astronomy, annihilate tony abbott, anti-racist, arachnophobia, aussie pub rock, beer, bill hicks, biology, black books, black metal (first wave), black/thrash metal, blackadder, brian may, camille o'sullivan, castrating parking inspectors, chaser's war on everything, classic british comedy, clowns are evil, cnnnn, coffee, coopers beer, country blues, crazy japanese metalheads, creationists are fucking morons, cricket, crust punk, curtly ambrose, d-beat, darwinism, dave gilmour, dean guitars, death metal, death/thrash metal, delta blues, destroying undergrads, detesting dragonforce, diamond darrell, doom metal, dubya is a fucktard, eating souls, ecological theory, emo nazis are hilarious, evolution, farting, fawlty towers, fight club, folk metal, fuck off herman li, fuck off sam totman, garroting emos, generally disliking metalcore, george orwell, gillabbot can eat me, guitar, guitar virtuosos, haggis, hard rock, harry potter, hating emos, hating fallout boy posers, hating right-wing fools, heavy fucking metal, hiking metal punks forever, horror, i despise tony abbott, i hate clowns, i hate jk rowling, i hate john howard, joe r lansdale, john petrucci, jon stewart, julia gillard shits me, keith olbermann, kicking scene kids, killing creationists, krautrock, lampooning dumb rednecks, les paul, lynching religious fundamentalist freaks, maiming fucktards, metal, microbial ecology, microbiology, nazi punks fuck off, obscure metal, old school metal, once-a-year angling, other random shite, outlaw country, oz politics is fail, political satire, post-punk, procrastination, progressive metal, progressive rock, red dwarf, richard laymon, robert silverberg, rock, russell crowe's band stank, schadenfreude, science, scientific fraud, slide guitar, space, spaced, speed metal, star trek voyager, stephen colbert, steve hughes, stewie for f├╝hrer, stoner metal, stoner rock, stratocasters, swamp rock, team america, the blues, the chaser, the chaser decides, the left has lost, the simpsons, thrash metal, tolvanen guitars, trogdor the burninator, white boy electric blues, yes minister, yngwie malmsteen needs donuts
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