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This mentions disturbing stuff. )
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So here's a youtube clip which is...very accurate, actually.

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My god, people are fucking stupid.

And the fact that there are so many stupid people depresses me too...
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It's a bit tragic that I'm only hearing about The CHK-CHK-BOOM! girl just now, isn't it?

I suppose I don't really watch the news anymore. Though that's probably because what passes for news these days would make The National Enquirer look like a quality rag.

And, incidentally, this is why I hate bogans.

Correction: I hate media-savvy bogans.
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Old people - go and get fucked. Or get off my fucking roads.

Trucks - same applies.

On a much more important note:

The lowest common denominator - or the General Australian Public. Including but not limited to The Herald-Sun, Andrew Bolt and its readers:

How nice to see that you're displaying your political colours in such an astute, unbiased manner. Especially you, Bolt. No one died during Howard's Pacific Solution, hey? Ever heard of SIEV X? Your crocodile tears disgust me. You truly are a horrendous human being.

And you, Malcolm Turnbull. What a decent chap you are. You wouldn't do a complete turnaround on a previous policy change for cheap poltical points, would you? Of course you wouldn't.

And this is why I will never get into politics and/or debate them. My rage buttons get pushed too easily.
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I've been avoiding the TV and print news because of the bushfire coverage. Not because I don't care - I do. The enormity of it hit me today. I'd been hearing the body count rising and somehow I didn't actually realise what it meant.

The official toll is over 170. The unofficial toll is twice that.

And all the while, as the fires keep on burning, the media machine keeps on rolling.

They poke their intrusive cameras into people's relief at finding their loved ones. People crying as they tell us they've lost family members and friends. They ask stupid questions like "how does it feel?" They drag out the agony for these people, feasting on every drop of anguish, knowing that it translates into ratings. They use hyperbolic language to describe something that's already unable to be exaggerated. They show photos of the dead and presumed dead, and ask those worried family members the most personal questions. They catch all the tears on camera, record every last sob.

The print media run "Special Editions" entitled "Victoria's Blackest Day".

The dark glee underneath it all makes me sick.


I do feel utter admiration for those unbelievably brave people who are out there fighting these fires. And people like a good friend who's working with the air ambulance officers.

And I wish there was something I could do.

Thanks, [ profile] insomnius, for posting that information about donations and the like.
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...but I find Heidi Klum hotter, now that I know that she keeps her old teeth in a pouch.


Yes, fuckit, I'm procrastinating. Review papers are boring as all hell.
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Today's Age review of the new "Guns N' Roses" album, (in quotations because, let's face it, they haven't been Guns N' Roses for years) perfectly sums up my feelings towards it. Except for the whole 3-and-a-half stars thing. It should have been 2-and-a-half at the very most.

I'm very, very glad I didn't actually spend money on it.

(And what the FUCK is with this cover??? Seriously, after 15 years, this is what you give us? A bicycle? Well done, Axl, you utter numb-nuts.)

For the link-phobic )
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Them damn foreigners are to blame for this, I tells ya!

And for the link-o-phobics )

Yes, all TROO BLOOO AUSSIES men and women who love this country. Take up arms against this ragtag hooligan mob who dare to say our flag is "offensive". Kick 'em out! The dirty darkies don't belong here, anyway! They're not TROO OSTRAAAAAYAN.

/sarcastic rant. I have nothing else to say. Well, except for this:

I thought that a news article, even in a tabloid-style internet news forum, was supposed to be presented in an impartial manner. Well, okay, I never really thought that, but it's a nice ideal to live up to.
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From this site
Rusty Crowe's plan to fix the US economy, under the cut )

While my first impulse is to piss myself laughing and go "like, wtf mate?", I don't know enough about economics to determine if this is, on paper, a feasible idea or not. However, the thought of backwoods hillbillies with $US1 million to their names amuses me, yet it also horrifies me. Imagine how many guns a dumb inbred could buy with $1 million....

I'm assuming that Crowe was joking...but this is from the same guy who brought us 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts, so I question his comedic judgement.
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Sometimes, I wonder if people can read.

Article under the cut as well. )

Yes, ok, it offended your Christian sensibilities. Yes, it was immature subject matter. However, there was a warning sign outside the gallery. If you're offended by Jesus with a cock, why did you go and see the exhibition? Other people don't share your offense. And, actually, there have been artworks (of a sort) that depicted Mohammed in an unflattering light. That isn't the fucking issue here. Why do these dopey God-botherers decide that it's a pissing contest between artists and their ability to take the mickey out of various religions??? I actually doubt if this artist's aim was to piss off Christians specifically - I just think he's obsessed with erect penises. Note that he also put them on Mickey Mouse. Do you see Disney suing Koh? No. So get some perspective, you fucking twat.

Maybe I should sue all the Creationist museums for offending my sense of sanity. Yes, I know these two are not (necessarily) linked, but my mind works on tangents like that.

EDIT As a sign of how annoyed I am about this, I've had to edit this post about five times due to typos and layout mess-ups.
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"Bigfoot" turns out to be a gorilla suit. Well, really, did you actually expect it to be Bigfoot?

Text of article under here for when Yahoo o' Doom erases this gem )

Obviously, these guys are pranksters. I mean, they went to this much trouble to freeze a gorilla suit, call a press conference and announce to the world that they had "definitive proof" of Bigfoot's existence, knowing that all the time they would eventually be found out. I find this hilarious, and take my hat off to them, especially for the recorded message on their "Bigfoot Tip Line" - comedy gold.

And yet, one of them is going to lose his job over this.

What a crock. He should be lauded, nay, awarded, not sacked.

Some people have no sense of humour.
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Jilted wife auctions off evidence of hubby's indiscretions.

And just for when Yahoo! takes this news item off its servers, here it is listed on Australia's Best of Ebay. Hopefully for posterity.

And now for a screenshot. )

EDIT almost 7 months later

So here's a Yahoo message board thing about it...

and the Hun's version.

Text if it ever does go down )

Hopefully that covers all bases.
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From The Age (click) today:

Basically, four scumbag racist bogan pieces of shit from the Melton area decided to take it upon themselves to beat the crap out of a Sudanese kid. Just for kicks. No apparent reason. They even admitted this to the cops. And sent an SMS to the brother of the guy they'd bashed, which helped get the dumb fucks implicated in the first place. Of course, one of them (the charming young man in the picture above, Shane Psaila) said: "He's a bitch and he shouldn't even be in the country." Forgetting, of course, the fact that his own lineage is Greek. Ignorant fucking moron.

But do you know what enrages me even more than this disgusting display of racial hatred? The fact that Psaila's lawyer said: "(My client's) lack of schooling has robbed him of a value system", and therefore somehow excuses him from these actions.

Oh really? "Lack of schooling" is to blame for the fact that this bogan cunt is a racist, violent should-have-been-aborted, does it??

I know that his lawyer has to defend him. I also know that I am sick to death of this shifting of blame mentality. Pedophile? Must have been abused as a kid. Thief? Had a bad upbringing. Racist? Doesn't know any better because no one told him otherwise. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

I don't know what it is about racially motivated crimes that make me so angry. But I look at the picture of that son of a bitch above and I seriously wouldn't mind a shot at him. I know it's because they managed to get a picture of the wanker when he was at his most vile looking, but still...

I also know that I would not blame these Sudanese kids if they got together a few mates and went around to these arseholes' houses and systematically pounded the living bejesus out of them. In fact, I almost hope they do just that.
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The top "news" stories from my friend, Yahoo!

I swear, there have to be alien lolcats out there (lolaliens?)

Apparently, when a famous bogan takes a drug in her teens, it's news. Uh huh.
Mercedes Corby, do us all a favour, and overdose. (Oh noes, did I say that out loud???)

Brendan Nelson forgets the past, when his government also handed down budgets that targeted "people they (didn't) like".
Geez, a budget where the rich are made to shell out a bit more is bad according to the Liberals? Well, fuck me dead! In my opinion, it doesn't really go far enough. As far as I have followed it, I think it's a fairly conservative and piss-weak budget, really. Certainly not "typical Labor", as that dumbarse Nelson puts it.


Ok, that had the opposite effect of cheering me up. Now I feel like going out and bashing a Young Liberal.

Instead, I'll go make up a toxic, corrosive lab reagent while I download some Kyuss and Motörhead.

EDIT Grr. Motörhead download timed out. Bloody Mediafire.
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Jesus. This is so sad.

I can't imagine being so alone that no one would notice that I'm gone. Or that my body would remain in the same place for up to a year.

The same thing happened to Layne Staley, the ex-singer of Alice in Chains. He was much younger, though. He systematically destroyed himself with smack and coke, until he died of an overdose in 2002. His body remained undiscovered in his apartment for two weeks. He was younger, so you could make the argument that it was more tragic than old people remaining undiscovered in their homes.

I don't think so, though. There's something really quite crushingly horrible about the thought of being at that age, with no one to talk to, no one who'll be concerned for you, and when your passing comes, it goes unnoticed. Unmarked. Family, friends...? These people just had no one? How lonely must these people have been? How scared? Did they know that when they died, no one would care enough to ask after them?

For some reason, this painting comes to mind:

By Dr. Jack Kevorkian (yes, Dr. Death). It's called "Nearer My God To Thee." Whatever your opinion on this man and his actions, you can't deny that he had this right: people cling to life, refuse to entertain the notion of death. It repels us. We would do anything to stop our passing, even deny its very existence. And yet, it comes for all of us. Sometimes, while you're sitting at your TV after a hard day of doing nothing, staring out of a window and contemplating your life.


As usual, my mind has seen a tangent and followed it blindly...
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If this were to happen anywhere in would have to happen in South Australia.

Sick, twisted, fucked up....any other adjectives???
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The wonders of telling kids that sex out of wedlock is evil?
The writer of this article seems to think so...

I suppose the cause is secondary to the scariness of what some of these kids believe. It's even dumber than the use of glad-wrap and an elastic band in place of a condom.
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Yahoo! News Funnies for the day (just because I despise Yahoo, doesn't mean I won't use the news service. It's where you find a lot of the "who gives a shit?" news that I find so amusing. And sometimes the plain weird).

A streaker actually does something useful for a change.
Ok, it wasn't a streaker, it was a cop.

"The offender...startled by the sight of a naked constable with just a torch coming towards him, took off." Or just any naked man running towards you in the middle of the night, really...

Crazy Norwegian steals a croc.
Jesus, some Norse just can't get over the fact that, by and large, they're not crazy Vikings anymore.

Mohamed Al Fayed just can't let it go, can he??
I don't usually pay much attention to the shenanigans of the British monarchy and their associated fucktards. But this amuses the hell out of me.

Earth to Mo' - No one gave a shit that Di was shagging the fruit of your loins. Get the freaking hell over it. There is no conspiracy. As the coroner said: "Speculation, surmise and belief are one thing; evidence is another."

Now, back to it.
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Guess which one is which. Duh.

Jupiter's moon Io causes an aurora borealis kind of luminescence on Jupiter's face as the planet spins.

Apparently, "A Current Affair" is not into factual reporting. Really? No shit. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

If you use Firefox, you can add this little gem of a program.
I am not going to yet, because I don't need another reason not to be productive. I just thought I would, in the words of Bill Hicks, "plant some seeds. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves." Ooops, that was supposed to be in my subliminal message post.

Oh yeah, and this unseasonal heat (although I'm now told that it's passed) can go fuck itself. Because of it, I got the worst night's sleep ever, which is why I'm yawning my head off now.


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