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In fact, as a hangover of my old Socialist days, I despise nationalism/parochialism.

But if anything were to turn me into a chest-beating proclaimer of Aussie awesome, it'd be this song:

Actually, this band in general.

Yes, I know. How untrve... ;)
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But I can't. It's just fucking awesome.
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Because I refuse to use Twatter, and that appears to be the best way to get breaking news these days (sigh), I'll ask my flist:

Does anyone know why the cops blocked off Heidelberg Rd just after the Hoddle St overpass this morning? And why we all had to turn around and go up High St instead? And why I was hideously late for work?

Specifically here:

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The reason I didn't go fucking ballistic is because usually when they block off an entire main road, it's something to do with a crazy criminal or a particularly bad accident. Then again, I hope it wasn't something horrible like a murder or something...

Edit Never mind, I found it.

At least she's alright. Though now I can be righteously pissed off about being late to work. Meh.


In slightly less serious news, I have the most un-metal car in the world. Which means that when I have Schizophrenia blaring so loudly that my eardrums are about to stage a protest against noise pollution, and when people stare at me strangely, it's not because they're wondering what that cacophonous row is. They're wondering why it isn't coming from an eight-cylinder beast driven by a bogan.

Maybe I should put a V8 in it...


In even more music-related news, I'm wondering if I should go to AC/DC next Feb. Ruby, the lab manager (who's also a hard rock/metal fan...who'd've thunk it??) just offered to get some tickets through the work social club. Let's face it, the old bastards probably aren't coming back after that! Unless it's in caskets. Advise me! Should I shell out $150???
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Rediscovering old favourites = FUCKING AWESOME.

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Today's Age review of the new "Guns N' Roses" album, (in quotations because, let's face it, they haven't been Guns N' Roses for years) perfectly sums up my feelings towards it. Except for the whole 3-and-a-half stars thing. It should have been 2-and-a-half at the very most.

I'm very, very glad I didn't actually spend money on it.

(And what the FUCK is with this cover??? Seriously, after 15 years, this is what you give us? A bicycle? Well done, Axl, you utter numb-nuts.)

For the link-phobic )
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Welcome back, Metallica. All your previous sins are forgiven. Not forgotten, mind. But definitely forgiven.


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