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I already did this in Faecesbook because, well, I'm lazy, and it was easier. But damn it, I keep saying I'm going to stay off that shitty enabling social network of doom, and I'll be damned if I don't at least half get that right. So here we are, with album art and a youtube clip for each (well, if I can find one - I'm not going through all the fucktardry of actually uploading tracks myself if they're not there).

This is by no means all the releases I listened to, and there were some that didn't make the lists but were close (as evidenced by the "almost-rans"). And yes, they were all metal. Because I'm a narrow-minded, elitist wanktard that way, obviously. (In all seriousness, I did listen to non-metal this year but not enough to make as comprehensive a list as the one below).

The list )

Well, that post took way too long for something that only a few people will even bother reading... ;P
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Short Version
Dear Dave Mustaine and co.

Brilliant set, lads. You haven't lost it at all, Dave. At least, not live.


Sincerely, Me

Dear Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo,

You owe me $45.

Sincerely, Me

Long Version
Tonight I went to Festy Hall to see the big double-billed Megadeth and Slayer concert. )


Jun. 29th, 2009 04:16 pm
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OK, I stayed away from the band Dissection for so long, because they're always associated with that dreaded term "melodic" mixed in with "black" and "death" metal. I'm usually not a fan of black metal unless it's first wave or mixed with thrash or death metal (no, I never "got" Darkthrone, and continue to not do so), and I certainly can't stand bands like Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child who do the whole "melodic black metal" thing.

But now I'm listening to The Somberlain...

Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is amazing.

It's melodic, yes. But heavy, interesting, epic without trying hard so very hard to be so (take note, Cradle of Filth), and, above all, utterly, stunningly beautiful. Every riff, every note, every filthy vocal line: it all works so well. Melodic without having to rely on silly synths (yes, fuck you, Emperor) or generic riffs or poppy elements or commercial fuckery (Hey, In Flames? I hope you're fucking listening...oh, that's right, you like to suck. Ignore me). Even the acoustic pieces that act as linking interludes work marvellously, because, unlike bands such as Opeth, they don't do them to death. I especially liked "Into Infinite Obscurity", probably because of the little fuck-up on one of the notes that they must have heard during recording and while listening to the playback and yet kept in, because it makes the music a little more personal in a way. Melodic, yet still sounding cold, evil, misanthropic, and hateful; everything a BM album should be.

Where has this been all my life?? Why can't all melodic metal sound more like this??? Damn you, rock I've been living under.
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According to all the sources available, Dream Theater's new album isn't out until 23 June. Usually these dates pertain to the Northern Hemisphere, therefore the release date for us southern plebs is about a week later.

But I got a tip-off from a fellow fan yesterday, and just moseyed on in to JB tonight...

And look what I got!

For once, we got something before everyone else did. Or the label is playing funny buggers and released it to all stores all around the world simultaneously.

Cut for my boring ruminations. )

Wait, what the fuck? Is that a blast beat I hear???

Second boring rumination. )

Boringus ruminationus thirdus )

I can crap on with the best of them about shit that no one cares about! )

Verdict? Much better than Systematic Chaos. Probably their best since Awake.

Interesting tidbit - I picked up the three-disc edition, with the full album, a disc full of various covers, and...a disc of the instrumental mixes.


Now why the fuck would anyone want those??? Unless they're vastly different to the album versions, then it seems pointless. More major record label marketing bullshit...oh, wait. That rant's for another post.
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Today, I drove to band practise in Hallam (for Lord Mouth, not Left of Crazy. Oh yeah, the metal band is now called Lord Mouth. I like it; blow me if you don't). Anyway, I made sure I got out of the house early. Early enough to swing by my local café and get a flat white, and yet still be able to drive into Hallam on time.


As I pulled onto the freeway onramp just past Chadstone (big mall, for those of you not from Oz), what should have been relatively smooth sailing on the freeway was all of a sudden halted by a big fuck-off wall of traffic. Kinda like this:
Traffic jam of DOOM

I know it's not that easy to see the big line of traffic disappearing off into the horizon, but trust me, it's there. This photo was taken after I'd already been incrementally inching forward, in fits and starts, my clutch really not liking these little movements forward, for quite some time. The first time I've regretted buying a manual car...

And, of course, I couldn't back out of the freeway entrance. So I had to wait.

And wait.

And wait some fucking more.

This is on a Sunday morning, mind you. This is also after I made sure I would get to Hallam early.

I waited a hell of a long time, getting (as you can imagine) angrier and angrier by the passing nanosecond, as traffic inched forward and people ducked and weaved (or crept and crawled) into and out of lanes and refused to let other people in.

After about twenty minutes, I saw what was causing this ridiculous Sunday morning traffic jam:


They were funnelling THREE FOUR FUCKING LANES ON A FREEWAY INTO ONE. And you can tell on the sign that it's not done too many times, as the third contemptuous "NO LANE" sign has been added on rather amateurishly.

I could not believe it. Of all the goddamned bone-headed things to do. Why they couldn't close down two at the most, work on that bit of road, then close the other two off is utterly beyond me. It took all I had in me to not roll down my window as I passed the moronic road workers, all stereotypically lounging around on their bit of blocked-off bitumen, and yell a few choice words about them being over-unionised fucktarded cockspanks etc etc...

You know what made it even worse? After it was too late to do anything about, I turned on the radio and caught a traffic report, which helpfully informed me of this: "...traffic is banked up all along the Monash Freeway due to roadworks, so please choose an alternate route."

GAH...guess I'll be listening to traffic reports from now on.

Yeah, I'm still cranky about it. I'm an elephant. No, fuck that: I'm a hate camel. And my hate hump has been filled; should last me a long time.

Oh yeah, and of course I was ridiculously late for band practise. My plans are foiled YET AGAIN. I hate you, Murphy.


Mar. 26th, 2009 12:55 pm
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This morning I drove over to the other side of Melbourne to get a skin test for the Q fever vaccine.

They did not tell me that this also entailed a blood test. I'm not too fond of them.

Oh, and while I was there, they gave me the 'flu vaccine too. Because they had extra.

All in my left arm. It feels like a pincushion.

Oh well. At least they're all free!

Next week's gonna be a pain, though. I have to be in the city to get the actual Q fever vaccine - assuming that I don't have a lasting reaction to the antigen they scraped into my arm.

All because I may have to visit an abbatoir. Damn dead livestock.

Anyway, I've had a rough morning. To compensate, I'm getting a souva with chips. Mmmm.
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I just had lunch.

It was a souvlaki. With chips in it.

That's right, you didn't misread it. And yes, I knew there were to be chips served with the souvlaki, but I thought, according to the menu board, that they would be served alongside the souvlaki. Instead, they were in it.

Yes, I assure you, you are still reading correctly. THERE WERE BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS in my pitabread souvlaki with lamb and garlic sauce. There might have been some lettuce and tomato in there as well, but I couldn't really detect them through the BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS.

Goddamn that was good...

I'm feeling slightly better after that. Well, my state of mind is, but my stomach is rebelling.

I also got a brownie. I think I'm gonna save it for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to eat until then anyway.
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Today's been a bit of a write-off so far.

I took the day off so I could work on this review and take in my car for its complimentary service. Driving to Brighton through the city at 1.30 pm was about as fun as swallowing razor blades. I forgot that every fool and his canine companion come out and drive in the CBD at lunch time, most likely getting the canine companion to drive, judging by some of the driving performances I was subjected to. And again, after I'd cleared the CBD, they'd decided to close off two fucking lanes on Kingsway between the Yarra and Queens Parade, funneling everyone into the other lanes. I barely made it at 2 pm.

Well, I did make it, got Shiny inspected and washed. It is shiny again. At least until the next bird has a diarrhoea attack on it. Then made small talk with the nice girl who showed me back to the car (which I am no freaking good at, so I don't know why I even try), got in and drove back. The drive back was much more pleasant.

Anyway, the point of this post: I had Eva's computer with me so I could do some work in the dealership, and on the drive back, I put it on the front seat. Now, my new car has all these bells and whistles. It beeps at odd times, and most of the time I have no bloody idea what's going on. So, all of a sudden, over the loud strains of music, I hear this beeping, and I'm wondering, "Huh?" And then I see that the light warning that someone isn't wearing their seatbelt is flashing.

And I realise that the dumb fuck car has detected the weight of the computer in the front seat and thinks it's a person. NOT WEARING HIS/HER SEATBELT...OH NOEZ!

I'll never get used to these newfangled cars.


Meanwhile, I'm getting no bloody work done. I think I'll take Jezzy for a walk. It'll probably be more productive.
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This morning, instead of mooching around the house after dropping Eva off at Nth Melbourne station, I took Jezzy for a walk. She was absolutely ecstatic, as it's unusual for her to get a walk in the morning.

Anyway, after being down at the park for about a quarter of an hour, and her having had a fairly good run, I was about to take her home. But all of a sudden it was like a floodgate opened and a sea of labradors came flooding into the park. They were seeing-eye dogs in training, being supervised by three volunteers. The dogs were all young, all friendly, and all beautiful specimens of labrador. Seriously, about fifteen of them. Jezzy went nuts and had a great time. I almost died of teh cute.

I must go down there more often early in the morning. I actually feel much better for having been out of the house with the dog before skulking off to a day of drudgery at work. And the dog really needed it, as she's alone for most of the day and it's nice to break up her day with a fun morning and a walk in the evening.

To end on a slightly disturbing note, I have been reliably informed that there is such a thing as Fallout Boy fanfic. This unsettles me greatly. As I told my source, I shouldn't have been surprised. This does not stop me from being disturbed, though.
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Easily one of the best Pixar movies to date. It was cute, funny, heart-rending, and the animation was absolutely superb. However, it's probably not one that I'll happily watch over and over again, like Shrek or Monsters Inc. It's very plot heavy - I wonder how kids actually follow it. Then again, I remember that they probably don't - they just watch the cute dumpster robot and listen to his little plaintive cry of "EEEEVA! EEEEEEEVA!" (and yes, that was hilarious...).

Death At A Funeral

For some reason we rented this out tonight after seeing WALL-E. We didn't actually finish watching it. It's shit. In more ways than one.


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