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Jordan Rudess' response to Mike Portnoy leaving Dream Theater: an improvisation on his Steinway. He gets right into it and even does some ad hoc vocals (which aren't very good, but are heartfelt). [ profile] asylum_at_sea, I don't know if you like Dream Theater but I think you might get a kick out of this, especially.

I've always been more of a fan of Kevin Moore and Derek Sherinian than Rudess even though he is much more technically skilled than either of those two, but this is quite stunning. It's very emotionally-charged, which is something that a fair bit of DT's stuff hasn't been in recent years. I wish he'd play more of this stuff in Dream Theater than the overly processed synth stuff he's been messing around with since he joined the band.

As to Portnoy leaving - well, I'll always thank DT for getting me much more into metal, but I think they've had their day. If they fold due to this, I think it'll be for the best. They've done what no other progressive metal band has done, which was to gain mainstream recognition, and that's nothing to be sneezed at. It'd be a tragedy now if they became a self-parody by not knowing when to quit.
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According to all the sources available, Dream Theater's new album isn't out until 23 June. Usually these dates pertain to the Northern Hemisphere, therefore the release date for us southern plebs is about a week later.

But I got a tip-off from a fellow fan yesterday, and just moseyed on in to JB tonight...

And look what I got!

For once, we got something before everyone else did. Or the label is playing funny buggers and released it to all stores all around the world simultaneously.

Cut for my boring ruminations. )

Wait, what the fuck? Is that a blast beat I hear???

Second boring rumination. )

Boringus ruminationus thirdus )

I can crap on with the best of them about shit that no one cares about! )

Verdict? Much better than Systematic Chaos. Probably their best since Awake.

Interesting tidbit - I picked up the three-disc edition, with the full album, a disc full of various covers, and...a disc of the instrumental mixes.


Now why the fuck would anyone want those??? Unless they're vastly different to the album versions, then it seems pointless. More major record label marketing bullshit...oh, wait. That rant's for another post.
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[ profile] vox_diabolica and [ profile] mc_shamo, this is for you.

Get this and learn it. If you can.

We're going to WOMADelaide this weekend. Hope the weather's good. We're driving tonight. God, looking forward to that...
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Heh heh.

You kinda need to know the song "The Dark Eternal Night" to fully appreciate this - that and also know that Mike Portnoy is a crazy bastard who would no doubt endorse this characterisation of himself wholeheartedly.
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...because I'm way too lazy to do it properly, and there's not much, really.

* It is hot here. Stinkingly hot. I love it.
* The Canadian Rockies is teh awesome. Now they just need to shoot all the fucking tourists. Yes, that includes us.
* I'm missing people more than I thought I would. Doesn't that make you feel warm inside?
* Grey hairs in my beard. That is bloody terrifying
* Have met some great people. They're mostly English.
* Some Canadians think I'M English. Morons.
* Cryptic posts on one's flist are even more confusing when you're thousands of miles away from the source.
* What the fuck. is up with Facebook? How the hell does it work?? Seriously, I've never been more confused in my life...
* The Simpsons movie rocked my socks. I'll be singing Spider-Pig for months.
* "Clap for Alaska!!"

OK. 'Nuff point form.
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* The new Dream Theater album Systematic Chaos = almost 80 minutes of head-banging, awe-inspiring proggy metal ecstasy. Unfortunately, I am listening through crappy earphones with Thesis Editing of No, Really, GAAAAAH!!!!TM in front of me, so my "enjoyment" of both is being somewhat compromised ("Enjoyment" being the operative term for the thesis).

* The iTunes equalizer sucks dogs' balls. Seriously. The preamp settings are either too loud and distorted or just not freaking loud enough. And don't even get me started on the presets. Obviously designed by someone with no idea about how music is supposed to sound.

* [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ - sorry I didn't reply to your SMS. No, not tonight. In fact, probably not until we come back from OS, to be frank with you!

That is all.
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Capitalism rocks. When you have the dosh.

Eva and I are the proud owners of a new iPod. Yes, I know. I've always said, "I'm never getting an iPod, fuck that, iPods are the latest fashion accessory along with those hideous Paris Hilton dogs and showers." But yes, I capitulated and bought one. We also got one of those radio transmittery thingos that you plug into your iPod which lets you play it through a radio.

Mnyees. I is good at teknolojical speek.

Anyway, we got this piece of popular junk because when we are overseas, I want to listen to music. I listen to many many CDs. We cannot bring them all, or we'd need another suitcase. Thus, the iPod. And the radio transmittery thingo negates the need for a CD player in my car. And it enables the playing of music of goodness over a radio anywhere, anytime. It'll be worth all the craplola I went through to get it, too.

I also have the new Dream Theater CD. Oh yes. It is shiny and new, I haven't played it yet because I've been too busy stroking the CD case writing my thesis...yeah.

So, without further ado, back to it. The thesis, I mean.
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...and laughing my arse off...

Yeah, I'm well aware that only I find this funny...n00bs.


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