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Yeah, again, I suck at updating my Science on Top entries. So here are the last three:

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Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons; then make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

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So I'm sharing it will all of you.

Special thanks goes to Eva who put the bloody song in my head in the first place. So you could say it's all her fault. :P


Nov. 5th, 2009 11:58 pm
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It's getting closer. :D
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Eva just threatened to throw me into a calm blue ocean while I'm wearing cement shoes.

I guess all this weddinating stress is finally getting to her.
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Every time we open the door for her, this is what happens. It's gotten so I know exactly when to raise my knee to fend off her jump.

(Yeah, and I know our house is a little messy...)
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Our engagement party (and Eva's 28th) was themed: Retro. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

I wonder which decade I wish I had been a part of...


You know what's even more tragic? I really wish I could dress like this all the time...

I'm certainly keeping the aviators. And, for a while at least, the facial hair.

These photos were taken by a friend who's not on LJ - on her Facebook she alluded to the fact that I looked like I belonged in the cast of Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities. She suggested that I bore a striking resemblance to cocaine lords of that era.

My kingdom for a time machine.


Feb. 4th, 2009 07:25 pm
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Dear Johnny Cash,

I thought you could do no wrong. Or very little wrong.

Looks like *I* was wrong...

Your cover of "Cat's In The Cradle" is an utter travesty. I almost feel like exhuming your body just to give your skull a good smack upside the head for this...

Oh Jesus...

Please, stop stop stop.....

Yours, in horrified open-mouthedness,

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Tonight, [ profile] vivienne_aster and I drove down to Williamstown beach to meet [ profile] mstakenidentity, [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc between the Siren Cafe and the kiosk. We had fish n' chips, and watched the sun set:


Then everyone except me and [ profile] _audhumla went swimming. Why? Because they're crazy bastards and the two of us are not. Yes, it's summer, but it's Melbourne summer - therefore the water is bloody freezing. And I could tell how freezing it was as I watched [ profile] ragedc shudder involuntarily as the waterline reached his goolies, even as far away as I was. Of course, we were smug until the sun dipped below the horizon and the damned wind came from out of nowhere and just about chilled us to the goddamn we all got out of there as fast as we could and went back to the main street. Here, we were joined by [ profile] fnoo, and we went to the most excellent créperie and had awesome crépes (MINE WAS ON FIRE! ON! FUCKING! FIRE!!!! How splendiferous...).

'Twas a goodly evening.

And here are some random photos from my phone and the camera...mostly of Teh Cute )

Ok, that's enough of that. Time to sleep.
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No, it's not a massive arachnid. It's a few potatoes that...well, sat in our pantry for way too long.


I suppose we can plant these things now. Well, we could have, before Eva threw them out into the compost.

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To save your fpages )
The end.
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We're goin' on a puppy hunt.
We're goin' on a puppy hunt.
We're goin'
We're goin'
We're goin' on a puppy hunt.

(I have developed that dreaded condition of all new or potential pet owners. Oh yes, and the condition that Eva has continuously...)
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This morning, I bolted awake at about 5 am, even though I only got to sleep at 1 am. Couldn't get back to sleep. I think the bloody birds roused me. My kingdom for a mini-gun.

Anyway, somehow Eva woke up as well, and I have this vague memory of having a conversation/argument with her about carrying wallets. She'd dropped money before she went food shopping and had to return some items to shelves for the umpteenth time. Anyway, it went something like this:

Shayne: Why didn't you take your wallet with you? I always have my wallet with me.
Eva: I can't carry it with me.
Shayne: That's because it's a stupid women's wallet, all big and chunky. I've got a man's wallet, far superior to yours.
Eva: Yeah, a weak, thin and spindly wallet.
Shayne: And yet I manage to fit my entire life in there....hang on...
Eva: *too busy giggling and guffawing to reply.*
Shayne: Ah shuddup.


I walk to work every morning via a small park where North Melbourne winos generally hang out. In the mornings they're not there, but I usually see this old Chinese lady doing Tai Chi. At least, sometimes it looks like Tai Chi. Other times it's like she's exercising but doesn't really know how to do it. Sometimes she combines them. I've seen her do a typical Tai Chi movement, graceful and swan-like, and then proceed to "wax on; wax off" while she's stretched out in her swan-like pose. Very strange. This morning she appeared to be shoving an imaginary pole up her backside. I won't go into details. It was very disturbing. Maybe someone who's more of an expert in Tai Chi can tell me if she's just being very odd or if it is Tai Chi. I don't know why I care, but I really do.


I need to go and buy shoes today. Note, I did not say "shoe shopping." For that is not something men do. We go out and buy a pair of shoes. And we generally hate doing it. This is what I'm going to do. I would ask someone to come with me for moral support but I wouldn't subject anyone else to that kind of hell.


In case it isn't obvious, I'm tired and delirious. Apologies for the rambling bullshit in this post.


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