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I hereby resolve to be more like Peter Russell Clarke. Oh, wait. That would mean learning how to cook.
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As a rule, I dislike electronica. Personally, I regard it as the very antithesis of music.

However, I will admit that Richard D James is a talented bastard, and that I have never seen a video clip that approaches the scariness of this one:

It's the only track I've heard by Aphex Twin that I actually like.

And years after I first saw it, the video still gives me the heebie-jeebies.
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Urgh. My head. Good impromptu night of drunkiness, though. :)


Every time I hear someone say something like "it's such a nice day" (as it is today), or even if I think it to myself, I have an urge to follow it up with this:

This will never get old.


Time to be a housewife.
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Walking to the tea room to get a cuppa, one walks past the male toilets (helpfully marked with an "XY" on them. Yes, the female toilets have "XX" on them. So very clever...). As I was just doing that, I heard a weird buzzing sound. As it's quite late and there's no one around, I was a) naturally curious and b) for some reason, worried that it was the sound of a dying appliance or something. In hindsight, a bit dumb.

I barged in and saw... one of the guys who works here (whom I do not actually know by name or position) brushing his teeth with one of those electric toothbrushes. I sort of stood there awkwardly for a bit, before sort of blurting out "oh...erm...duh...sorry..thought-it-was-....heard something...heh" and then stumbled out.

Upon reflection, it could have been a lot worse. A LOT worse.


In other news, this might be old meme, but this video is pure comedy gold. Unintentional comedy gold (it gets a bit gory at the end).

"Yeah! SEE YA!" *scornful twitch of manly head*


Jun. 4th, 2009 06:48 pm
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God, I love this show.
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I'd never actually seen this clip - and neither had Keith Olbermann...

Warning - turkey slaughter ahead.

Holy shit. Not even in the interests of good taste did she think it was a wise move not to be filmed in front of a turkey killing machine, while it was doing the job it was designed for.

It's almost enough to make me vegetarian. Almost.
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No one told me it was Student Union Elections again.

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE TM. Left versus Right. Liberals (i.e. Conservatives. Yes, international readers, I know this is confusing) pretending to be left-wing. The Left pretending to care about anything other than a utopian socialist state. The nothing groups who promise to "make a stand against the 2 am lockout", because it's apparently the right of all liberated students to keep drinking until the early hours of the morn', and until they're puking their guts out (literally) onto the CBD streets (just for the record, I don't support the 2 am lockout, nor am I entirely against it - I think pundits on either side are extremely amusing in their vehement opposition/support. Anyway...back to the elections)

This time, the elections don't affect me. I'm (a) a member of staff and (b) not even a member of the Union anymore. So I can ignore the leafleting gimps without guilt. Also, cultivating that old look of "Don't Fuck With Me" works wonders - people with leaflets tend to steer clear of you.

However, even though I am now somewhat of an impartial observer, I still had the urge to stick a leg out and trip up a Liberal spruiker as he rushed past me. I just barely contained myself. If only because I was afraid that the fat fuck would dislocate my hip.
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[ profile] mc_shamo!


Even the emphasis is there...
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I have this sinking feeling that time is slipping away very very quickly, and I am powerless to address it, much less halt its progression.

One thing I do know is that I wish I had the courage to tell people what they mean to me. Both those I love and those I'd love to hack to death with a rusty butter knife.
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[ profile] moosehead_beer, you are an evil bastard.

...and the Materials and Methods continue to roger me hard. But I am past caring...
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My Personality
Openness To Experience
You are introverted, reserved, and quiet with a preference for solitude and solitary activities. Your socializing tends to be restricted to a few close friends. You can be easily upset, even by what people consider the normal demands of living. People consider you to be sensitive and emotional. As a practical person you like to think in plain and simple terms. Others describe you as down-to-earth, practical, and conservative. You have some concern with others' needs, and are generally pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You like to live for the moment and do what feels good now. Your work tends to be careless and disorganized.

Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

Click here to take the most insightful personality test.

After reading the in-depth breakdown of the parameters, I have come to a(n unsurprising) conclusion:

Internet memes are so full of shit that they might be useful tools for consulting companies.

That is all.
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How evil are you?


Apr. 6th, 2007 01:59 pm
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Dear beer,

Why do you hurt one who loves you so much?

Yours painfully,
[ profile] clappamungus
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I always knew Nickelback were really really crap.


I mean, their first hit wasn't even that good. Why recycle it???

Oh, wait. I forgot. Moh-nay. How silly of me.

EDIT Apparently, this is old meme. You know this when even Wikipedia mentions it.

Silly silly Shayne.


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