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For some reason that godforsaken social media site of doom won't let me post this video, so I've fallen back on good ol' reliable LJ.

Anyway, as proof that I don't just listen to metal, here's the video of an old Melbourne band who are missed greatly. They put on a pretty good show.

They were always much more than your average plug-in-n'-play-n'-hope-for-the-best Melbourne indie act. This was one of their more straightforward rockers but they did some really interesting stuff with weird timings and unconventional song structures without being unnecessarily proggish. And the singer, Sianna Lee, had one hell of a set of pipes.

Speaking of Faecesbook, those of you on mine might have seen my beer n' vinyl photo project. It's being discontinued there as I'm really starting to get the shits with FB, and it'll be resurrected here, on a new tumblr site ( Yes, I realise using tumblr as a replacement for Faecesbook is akin to cutting my testicles off to spite my future spawn, but I was convinced by someone who knows better that it's one of the easier blogging sites to use.

Oh, and no, this is not the blog I've set up to use as a writing aid, even though there;s a long rambly entry on it! That one's still....a work in progress. And by by "work in progress" I mean "sweet bugger all".
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Due to recent emo, and general badness, I will attempt to counteract with pr0n.

Last night I picked up a secondhand Sony stereo from an eBay seller. I could have bought a swanky new freaking tiny one as is all the rage nowadays. But:

a) I wanted a tape deck. Yes, you bloody well heard me: a tape deck. New, they're as rare as hens' teeth, and usually of crappy quality. But I have tapes that I like to occasionally play;
b) I want something sizeable, for fuck's sake. I'm sick of this "smaller is better" attitude. I want something that is visually obtrusive. None of this "hide-it-in-a-corner-and-wonder-oh-my-what-large-sound-where-it-come-from???" crap; and
c) I wanted to set up our turntable that we got as a wedding present as well. I've had a pile o' vinyl sitting in a corner, and I keep adding to it, and it hasn't been played and it FELT RONERY. I could've set it up alongside one of those titchy ones, but it would've felt and looked weird.

So here we go:
Finally I can spin the black circle. I have missed playing vinyl so damn much. I'm telling you, "Phantom of the Opera" sounds so much better in original analogue than remastered digital.


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