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[ profile] xraytheenforcer directed me to this a while ago:

(how, as an Aussie, I missed this and was informed by an American of its existence bemuses me, but anyway)

So, I now present you with this:

I wanted to make it into a user icon, but my old port-of-call for this sort of thing has been taken off the intertwats, and I can't be bothered looking up another one...
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Bring back Full Frontal

And of course, I couldn't forget the first and the best, Fast Forward )
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'Tis a happy day for non-nationalistic people like me...or "unAustralians"

For the link-phobic: Australia just lost the second test in India by...wait for it...320 runs!

As I have a harboured an intense hatred for the Australian cricket team since the mid-90s, I am happier than a pig in shit right now.

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Them damn foreigners are to blame for this, I tells ya!

And for the link-o-phobics )

Yes, all TROO BLOOO AUSSIES men and women who love this country. Take up arms against this ragtag hooligan mob who dare to say our flag is "offensive". Kick 'em out! The dirty darkies don't belong here, anyway! They're not TROO OSTRAAAAAYAN.

/sarcastic rant. I have nothing else to say. Well, except for this:

I thought that a news article, even in a tabloid-style internet news forum, was supposed to be presented in an impartial manner. Well, okay, I never really thought that, but it's a nice ideal to live up to.
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That fat sack of shit Amanda Vanstone has penned a new national song.

For those of you who don't remember (or care) who Vanstone was, she was the Immigration minister. She was fucking useless. And like all recent Immigration ministers, mean-spirited.

And now this useless tub of lard has written a special song for our united (*cough) country to sing with gusto.

It goes a little something like this.... )

Yes, I'm grumpy and hungover. That's one of my excuses. The other is that this song is pure propaganda like all national songs, yet is somehow made worse by the fact that it's so unbelievably saccharine, and complete and utter nonsense.

So, Amanda, thanks for a new song that I won't sing. Hopefully you get posted to Guam when you become Australia's newest diplomat. Because you were so good at diplomacy in your government portfolios. Really.


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