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Every time we open the door for her, this is what happens. It's gotten so I know exactly when to raise my knee to fend off her jump.

(Yeah, and I know our house is a little messy...)
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Tonight, [ profile] vivienne_aster and I drove down to Williamstown beach to meet [ profile] mstakenidentity, [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc between the Siren Cafe and the kiosk. We had fish n' chips, and watched the sun set:


Then everyone except me and [ profile] _audhumla went swimming. Why? Because they're crazy bastards and the two of us are not. Yes, it's summer, but it's Melbourne summer - therefore the water is bloody freezing. And I could tell how freezing it was as I watched [ profile] ragedc shudder involuntarily as the waterline reached his goolies, even as far away as I was. Of course, we were smug until the sun dipped below the horizon and the damned wind came from out of nowhere and just about chilled us to the goddamn we all got out of there as fast as we could and went back to the main street. Here, we were joined by [ profile] fnoo, and we went to the most excellent créperie and had awesome crépes (MINE WAS ON FIRE! ON! FUCKING! FIRE!!!! How splendiferous...).

'Twas a goodly evening.

And here are some random photos from my phone and the camera...mostly of Teh Cute )

Ok, that's enough of that. Time to sleep.
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Our next dog shall be hairless.

And/or I'll have to shave Jezzy soon.
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This morning, instead of mooching around the house after dropping Eva off at Nth Melbourne station, I took Jezzy for a walk. She was absolutely ecstatic, as it's unusual for her to get a walk in the morning.

Anyway, after being down at the park for about a quarter of an hour, and her having had a fairly good run, I was about to take her home. But all of a sudden it was like a floodgate opened and a sea of labradors came flooding into the park. They were seeing-eye dogs in training, being supervised by three volunteers. The dogs were all young, all friendly, and all beautiful specimens of labrador. Seriously, about fifteen of them. Jezzy went nuts and had a great time. I almost died of teh cute.

I must go down there more often early in the morning. I actually feel much better for having been out of the house with the dog before skulking off to a day of drudgery at work. And the dog really needed it, as she's alone for most of the day and it's nice to break up her day with a fun morning and a walk in the evening.

To end on a slightly disturbing note, I have been reliably informed that there is such a thing as Fallout Boy fanfic. This unsettles me greatly. As I told my source, I shouldn't have been surprised. This does not stop me from being disturbed, though.
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Now I really know I'm home.

It's going to rain all fucking day, isn't it? So much for getting out of the house and not curling up in a little ball in front of the heater, Jezzy style.

Yeah, Queensland has Queenslanders. But at least they have some fucking sun, too.
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Our puppy is growing up. I can't make my fortune from her anymore.


She really loves that heater.
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Meet: Jezebel!
Jezzy for short

More cuteness under the cut )

Yes, I think a lot of my photos now will be puppy based. Yes, I know I'm obsessed.
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We're goin' on a puppy hunt.
We're goin' on a puppy hunt.
We're goin'
We're goin'
We're goin' on a puppy hunt.

(I have developed that dreaded condition of all new or potential pet owners. Oh yes, and the condition that Eva has continuously...)


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