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Another one I missed out on which looked awesome. I haven't listened to it yet, but I plan to.


Pen and Ed were joined by Dr. Maia Sauren, who recently completed a PhD looking at the effect of mobile phones on your braaaain.

They talked about James Cameron and his mad dash to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the saving of the Australian Synchrotron, Australian megafauna and its collapse, how some crazy kids flew a ginormous paper airplane, a new peanut intolerance test that might not give the potential sufferer anaphylaxis, quantam interference (not going into much detail here because I'm a bit flummoxed!), and the satisfaction one gets from telling a scorching lie.


And this is sort of, very tangentially, related to science...I'm going to pimp a band my mate Ben is a member of called High Tea, who play spacey sort of instrumental...well, shoegaze, I suppose you'd call it. They're actually strongly influenced by the cosmos and Carl Sagan, which somes across more in their studio stuff which you can listen to or download here on their Bandcamp page. As far as this sort of music goes, they're excellent, and far outshine their contemporaries in the local hipster scene who have the chops but not the delivery.

I saw them perform at a local pub on Friday night, and they utterly killed.

Ben's the long-haired stoner looking dude with the guitar. The drummer was in a previous band of his called Baseball on vocals and violin (yes, I wrote that correctly) and they played sort of amped-up Pixies-influenced hard rock with Middle Eastern tones. Yes, they have eclectic tastes...
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Today I did something I said I would never do - I signed up to

Why? Well, I was bored. Honestly, I was at work and as it's the start of the year, there is absolutely no content coming in off newswires, so by midday I was almost ready to flash the office to break up the monotony. For everyone's sake, I signed up to this blasted site instead.

More online presence. If I were a paranoid man, I could get worried that I'll end up on some list somewhere. You know, where they know all my habits - the music I listen to, my political affiliations, which way I dress...

But seriously, I have Faecesbook, this LJ, a rather defunct MySpace, a beer blog on Tumblr of all things, a science podcast and now a freaking For someone who's trying to get off social media, I appear to be doing a piss-poor job.

Oh well. I'll take the bastards down with me...
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It's been too long since I did a proper update other than the Science on Top listings, and I haven't even done those for a while. And I obviously haven't been reading much of my flist either, so sorry about that.

All I can do is make an oft-repeated promise (mostly to myself) to start using this more often.

I'll leave you with two things:

a) I'm a little late on this, but this blog ( is well worth a look if you know nothing about it already. Basically, it's an Aussie writer who happens to edit some literary magazine and "dabbles" in writing. Apart from that....well, it's kind of scary how much his views and my views just mesh. Right down to our mutual dislike of the Left as much as the Right, but without being one of those (you know who I mean - people who relate to this piece of shit masquerading as a human being). Amongst random posts, he tackles some fairly weighty issues. And he does it in a way that makes me realise you can be angry, vitriolic, and still a damn good writer. He's the sort of writer I'd like to be one day.

b) Picture this. Last night on the tram, coming home from work, packed like the proverbial can of smelly marine life in oil. It's been raining all fucking day, and has been cold and miserable. And still more people are boarding the tram, as though they just HAVE TO GET INTO THAT LAST LITTLE BIT OF SPACE...

All of a sudden I hear the microphone being switched on, and I figure it's going to be the frustrated driver saying "please move into the tram so people can board" or something like that. Instead, like an excited kid, the driver exclaims: "can everyone see that rainbow?"

And sure enough, out of the window, the sun's come out and has produced one of the most vivid rainbows I've ever seen. It was beautiful...and hilarious, as pretty much everyone on the tram went "ooooohhhh!!!!", and then laughed nervously at the audacity/naivety of the driver.

It was one of those moments that made me realise that taking life too seriously is probably a bit of a mistake, or that, at the very least, you should stop every now and then to laugh at something absurd, or occasionally laugh in the stodgy face of certain social taboos.


Jul. 14th, 2011 04:45 am
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[ profile] veilingofthesun and [ profile] chudames are both generous lasses.

They both gifted me....LJ user heads made of virtual chocolate.

Thanks girls!

Now a question...what the hell do I do with them?


On things totally unrelated, I am very behind in my reading for SoT and I'm on night shift.
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* Melbourne exploded.

* Our ceilings exploded.

* Our light fixture became a water feature.

* Pics will follow soon.
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Apparently it's going to be 20 degrees (C) today...


I'm definitely leaving work early-ish today.



What this doesn't show is the FUCKING RAIN...

I suspect this would not have been as much of a shock had I actually looked at the forecast.
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Urgh. My head. Good impromptu night of drunkiness, though. :)


Every time I hear someone say something like "it's such a nice day" (as it is today), or even if I think it to myself, I have an urge to follow it up with this:

This will never get old.


Time to be a housewife.
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According to all the sources available, Dream Theater's new album isn't out until 23 June. Usually these dates pertain to the Northern Hemisphere, therefore the release date for us southern plebs is about a week later.

But I got a tip-off from a fellow fan yesterday, and just moseyed on in to JB tonight...

And look what I got!

For once, we got something before everyone else did. Or the label is playing funny buggers and released it to all stores all around the world simultaneously.

Cut for my boring ruminations. )

Wait, what the fuck? Is that a blast beat I hear???

Second boring rumination. )

Boringus ruminationus thirdus )

I can crap on with the best of them about shit that no one cares about! )

Verdict? Much better than Systematic Chaos. Probably their best since Awake.

Interesting tidbit - I picked up the three-disc edition, with the full album, a disc full of various covers, and...a disc of the instrumental mixes.


Now why the fuck would anyone want those??? Unless they're vastly different to the album versions, then it seems pointless. More major record label marketing bullshit...oh, wait. That rant's for another post.
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Because I refuse to use Twatter, and that appears to be the best way to get breaking news these days (sigh), I'll ask my flist:

Does anyone know why the cops blocked off Heidelberg Rd just after the Hoddle St overpass this morning? And why we all had to turn around and go up High St instead? And why I was hideously late for work?

Specifically here:

View Larger Map

The reason I didn't go fucking ballistic is because usually when they block off an entire main road, it's something to do with a crazy criminal or a particularly bad accident. Then again, I hope it wasn't something horrible like a murder or something...

Edit Never mind, I found it.

At least she's alright. Though now I can be righteously pissed off about being late to work. Meh.


In slightly less serious news, I have the most un-metal car in the world. Which means that when I have Schizophrenia blaring so loudly that my eardrums are about to stage a protest against noise pollution, and when people stare at me strangely, it's not because they're wondering what that cacophonous row is. They're wondering why it isn't coming from an eight-cylinder beast driven by a bogan.

Maybe I should put a V8 in it...


In even more music-related news, I'm wondering if I should go to AC/DC next Feb. Ruby, the lab manager (who's also a hard rock/metal fan...who'd've thunk it??) just offered to get some tickets through the work social club. Let's face it, the old bastards probably aren't coming back after that! Unless it's in caskets. Advise me! Should I shell out $150???
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Why did I think that I would like even early Dragonforce??? I mean, bands that suck right now generally, in my experience, also sucked earlier in their careers too.

Actually, that's not true. In fact, that's the most false statement I've ever made. Whatever. This album sucks and I know this despite the fact that I've only listened to the first song so far.


Fuck power metal.

Actually, if it were not for the flowery crap in this, I'd probably like it better. That and the fact that they sound like they're sodomising an arcade game when they perform a solo.

Addendum Hm. When they slow down, they're kind of more interesting. But of course, they only do this for a nanosecond before going back to that ridiculously boring galloping speed...


That's it. If anyone admits to liking this band, I'm hunting them down and disembowelling them.

Addednum 3 Ok, there have been two songs that I'd listen to again. "Starfire" and "Disciples of Babylon" - because they have a bit more...what's that magic word? Oh yeah. VARIETY.

Addendum 4 Alright, fine. I grudgingly admit that the latter half of this album is better than the first half. Still derivative and mostly too fast for its own good, and I want to kill that godawful vocalist with barbeque tongs, but the latter half is definitely more interesting than the first half. I really don't know why they decided to stick with the first-half style than the latter-half style for future albums, but meh...

Here ends my rambling.
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Old people - go and get fucked. Or get off my fucking roads.

Trucks - same applies.

On a much more important note:

The lowest common denominator - or the General Australian Public. Including but not limited to The Herald-Sun, Andrew Bolt and its readers:

How nice to see that you're displaying your political colours in such an astute, unbiased manner. Especially you, Bolt. No one died during Howard's Pacific Solution, hey? Ever heard of SIEV X? Your crocodile tears disgust me. You truly are a horrendous human being.

And you, Malcolm Turnbull. What a decent chap you are. You wouldn't do a complete turnaround on a previous policy change for cheap poltical points, would you? Of course you wouldn't.

And this is why I will never get into politics and/or debate them. My rage buttons get pushed too easily.
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....ahem. Now back to your regularly scheduled whingefests.
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I just had lunch.

It was a souvlaki. With chips in it.

That's right, you didn't misread it. And yes, I knew there were to be chips served with the souvlaki, but I thought, according to the menu board, that they would be served alongside the souvlaki. Instead, they were in it.

Yes, I assure you, you are still reading correctly. THERE WERE BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS in my pitabread souvlaki with lamb and garlic sauce. There might have been some lettuce and tomato in there as well, but I couldn't really detect them through the BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS.

Goddamn that was good...

I'm feeling slightly better after that. Well, my state of mind is, but my stomach is rebelling.

I also got a brownie. I think I'm gonna save it for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to eat until then anyway.

It's gone.

Oct. 27th, 2008 01:27 pm
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Remember the rat?

It appears to have been disposed of.

R.I.P., my squashed rodent friend.
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(sung to the tune of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak")

This morning, I went to do something nice for the dog, and stepped in dog shit for my trouble.


Gah fuckit.

I can't really be cross at her, though, because she's looking up at me with those adorable dimwitted eyes of hers - in between driving me insane with her penchant for stealing random objects and attempting to chew them to shreds.

Oh yeah - we've figured out that, in addition to women with headscarves, she doesn't like fat people. I mean truly obese people like those who live a couple of doors down. Or people who limp.

Anyway, off to work and my no doubt crap day.


Oct. 13th, 2008 05:46 pm
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I just came back from Brighton Toyota to give over as cheque for an amount that I'll likely never hold in my hand in real cash. God, traffic is crap at this time, even going back into the city.

Anyway, back in the city I parked my car in Arden St and walked up Wrecklyn St to go back to uni, and there on the corner of Grattan St and Royal Pde, on the university side of the street, I saw the well-flattened corpse of a rodent of some kind. Probably a rat - it's the right size.

The funny thing is that this corpse has been there for at least a few weeks. I take that route every morning, and that dead rat has been there for quite a while. Right in the middle of a thoroughfare.

I'm just waiting for someone to get rid of it. I almost feel sorry for it. What a way to go - squashed by something bigger than you, and then no one has the decency to place your corpse in a safe place, and doubtless being stepped on/run over by countless other feet and bicycle tyres.

'Course, I'm certainly not going to pick it up.

OK, time to do some work.

So bored.

Aug. 25th, 2008 03:47 pm
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* Having the most un-fucking-productive day ever.

* I am, possibly, the most intolerant person that I have ever come across.

* Nostalgia for the win (see music). I had forgotten that this was on my iTunes.
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[ profile] mc_shamo!


Even the emphasis is there...


Aug. 4th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I really hate the terms "kvlt" and "trve/tr00" when they're not used sarcastically or scornfully.

The fact that so many metalheads use them seriously as a badge of honour makes me want to strangle them with guitar strings.

Take your "80's thrash was the gr8est moosic evar and all else is crap!" mantra and shove it up your fucking arses, you goddamn morons.


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