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The latest SoT was another sausage fest - Me, Lucas Randall and the inimitable host, Ed Brown.


We talked about the "woman in the red dress" study (and I use the term "study" loosely...), bacteriophages (viruses that attack bacteria), the frozen Copper Age man and his various maladies, fatarses in offices, CO2-capture and bacteria, daydreaming and social skills, how testosterone messes up teamwork (as if there were ever any doubt), stem cells in human ovarian tissue, and the solar flare that hadn't hit at the time we were recording, but has by now, and as far as I'm aware, didn't actually do anything bad...

And for something completely random and unrelated, have a youtube link of the lead track Rise, Vulcan Spectre, the best thrash album of the year (yes I'm making that call now) by Norway's Nekromantheon. This album's even better than their brilliant 2010 effort Divinity of Death. You can keep your modern thrash, both the revivalists and the old bastards trying to remain relevant - this band tears your goddamn face off and then pisses in the gaping wound with acid. I especially like throwing this on when I need to wake the hell up before going to work at an ungodly hour.
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I already did this in Faecesbook because, well, I'm lazy, and it was easier. But damn it, I keep saying I'm going to stay off that shitty enabling social network of doom, and I'll be damned if I don't at least half get that right. So here we are, with album art and a youtube clip for each (well, if I can find one - I'm not going through all the fucktardry of actually uploading tracks myself if they're not there).

This is by no means all the releases I listened to, and there were some that didn't make the lists but were close (as evidenced by the "almost-rans"). And yes, they were all metal. Because I'm a narrow-minded, elitist wanktard that way, obviously. (In all seriousness, I did listen to non-metal this year but not enough to make as comprehensive a list as the one below).

The list )

Well, that post took way too long for something that only a few people will even bother reading... ;P
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....but it's a meme.

La Musica )

I want to actually use this LJ more than I have been. But I want to use it as a real writing outlet rather than just a forum for me to air grievances about my boring life. I'm looking at a career change which (maybe) involves more creative writing, so I'll need all the practice I can get. And that means more than Having A WhingeTM, or not updating because all I want to do is Have A WhingeTM.

That being said, update on life in general coming soon. Probably.
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RIP Jay-Jay Winter. Asomvel were one of the coolest bands out of the UK since...well, since fucking Motörhead.

Memo to the Deities - Stop taking musos, you fucks. There are plenty of rapists, murderers, paedophiles and politicians still around.


May. 28th, 2010 07:00 pm
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Hobbs' Angel of Death
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Another legend leaves us.

And even many years later, he still had it. Right 'til the end.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio.

EDIT - I think RJD would approve:

The Pyre of Kings - Ironsword
The feast is over
This was your time
Until we meet again
May rest you find
Farewell my king
Your spirit lives on

I will carry the torch
To your funeral pyre
All fled, all gone
And the lamps expire
Farewell my king
Your spirit lives on
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Due to recent emo, and general badness, I will attempt to counteract with pr0n.

Last night I picked up a secondhand Sony stereo from an eBay seller. I could have bought a swanky new freaking tiny one as is all the rage nowadays. But:

a) I wanted a tape deck. Yes, you bloody well heard me: a tape deck. New, they're as rare as hens' teeth, and usually of crappy quality. But I have tapes that I like to occasionally play;
b) I want something sizeable, for fuck's sake. I'm sick of this "smaller is better" attitude. I want something that is visually obtrusive. None of this "hide-it-in-a-corner-and-wonder-oh-my-what-large-sound-where-it-come-from???" crap; and
c) I wanted to set up our turntable that we got as a wedding present as well. I've had a pile o' vinyl sitting in a corner, and I keep adding to it, and it hasn't been played and it FELT RONERY. I could've set it up alongside one of those titchy ones, but it would've felt and looked weird.

So here we go:
Finally I can spin the black circle. I have missed playing vinyl so damn much. I'm telling you, "Phantom of the Opera" sounds so much better in original analogue than remastered digital.
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From a review by a fellow called Nokturn on Type O Negative's "World Coming Down", what he essentially claims was ToN's, and goth's, last great masterpiece:

"I saw Type O Negative live in early 2007. Peter Steele, who had just gotten out of prison and recently broken his cocaine addiction, looked older and more haggard than I'd ever seen him before. There was a certain hopelessness and apathy about his performance: most of the notes on his bass were hammered, and he generally seemed to not want to be there, despite the uptempo and (more) fun nature of the songs. But moreover, there was an acute depression about him: as he gazed on the audience, composed almost entirely of teenaged goth girls, all dolled up for their weekend concert, and the boys they dragged along with them (who were clearly hoping they could get laid if they only dressed up and acted to part enough), you could practically hear him thinking 'This is not what I wanted.' Perhaps the precise moment where you could see his heart break is when every little girl in the audience delightedly sung on with set closer 'Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)', completely unaware, or perhaps not even caring, that the lyrics were squarely about them. Peter Steele won't play material off 'World Coming Down' because it reminds him of the worst part of his life: 'I had no idea that it was an album about the future.' "

I couldn't agree more.
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Like [ profile] hravan, I'll honour you with the fun stuff rather than the miserable stuff.

R.I.P. Peter Steele. Maybe you're up there right now, corrupting an eternally young Mother Teresa as we speak.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:24 pm
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I was going to update about this weekend just passed - but I can't be arsed.

So here's a meme that I nicked from [ profile] liquidbassline

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your iPod/iTunes or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

(Song Title - Artist)

Actually from my iPod - our iTunes looks a little different. Not nearly as much metal.

A Sorcerer's Pledge - Candlemass
Tennessee Flat-Top Box - Johnny Cash
Espectros - Bestial Holocaust
The Luciferian Mark - Gravehill
The Black Angel's Death Song - The Velvet Underground & Nico
Space Dye Vest - Dream Theater
Don't Believe A Word - Thin Lizzy
I'm Set Free - The Velvet Underground
Hey Porter - Johnny Cash
Two Eyes - Gladiator
Burning My Soul - Dream Theater (I hate this song. One of the worst DT songs ever. Why I haven't deleted it, I don't know...)
Godsent - Druid
Man In The Long Black Coat - Joan Osborne
Nocturnal Funeral - Tiamat
Dark Travel - Druid
Bow Unto The Devil - Portrait
Into the Void - Black Sabbath (One of the best Sabbath songs...actually, one of the best songs ever recorded. Ever. No argument. I have spoken)
Silver Into Steel - Grand Magus
Lord Have Mercy On Me - Outrageous Cherry
From Out Of Nowhere - Faith No More
Sorcery, Witchcraft and Occult Lore - Gauhaert
Silent Nothingness - Heathen (I haven't even listened to this album yet!...)
Dark Are The Veils - Candlemass
The Red Funeral - Sigh (Nor this one...)
Prisoners of Fate - Heathen
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Short Version
Dear Dave Mustaine and co.

Brilliant set, lads. You haven't lost it at all, Dave. At least, not live.


Sincerely, Me

Dear Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo,

You owe me $45.

Sincerely, Me

Long Version
Tonight I went to Festy Hall to see the big double-billed Megadeth and Slayer concert. )
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As far as I'm concerned, these guys do black metal right (not the first track, "Incubus". That's a single recorded this year and, while it's good, is not a patch on the stuff down the list! And is also quite different stylistically).

Cold black metal mixed with actual riffs as well as a variety of drumming styles that aren't modern half-thrash beats nor endless blastbeats (though the latter certainly have their place and are used tastefully), and good production (i.e. not underdone nor overdone) . Amazing. Yes, boys and boyettes, it can be done. You don’t have to resort to your black metal album sounding like it was recorded in my anal cavity (though to be fair, the song I'm listening to now is actually more of the "recorded in my anal cavity" type of thing, but not as bad as some I've heard. And it's still fucking awesome songwriting).

I'm ordering their album now.


Jun. 29th, 2009 04:16 pm
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OK, I stayed away from the band Dissection for so long, because they're always associated with that dreaded term "melodic" mixed in with "black" and "death" metal. I'm usually not a fan of black metal unless it's first wave or mixed with thrash or death metal (no, I never "got" Darkthrone, and continue to not do so), and I certainly can't stand bands like Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child who do the whole "melodic black metal" thing.

But now I'm listening to The Somberlain...

Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is amazing.

It's melodic, yes. But heavy, interesting, epic without trying hard so very hard to be so (take note, Cradle of Filth), and, above all, utterly, stunningly beautiful. Every riff, every note, every filthy vocal line: it all works so well. Melodic without having to rely on silly synths (yes, fuck you, Emperor) or generic riffs or poppy elements or commercial fuckery (Hey, In Flames? I hope you're fucking listening...oh, that's right, you like to suck. Ignore me). Even the acoustic pieces that act as linking interludes work marvellously, because, unlike bands such as Opeth, they don't do them to death. I especially liked "Into Infinite Obscurity", probably because of the little fuck-up on one of the notes that they must have heard during recording and while listening to the playback and yet kept in, because it makes the music a little more personal in a way. Melodic, yet still sounding cold, evil, misanthropic, and hateful; everything a BM album should be.

Where has this been all my life?? Why can't all melodic metal sound more like this??? Damn you, rock I've been living under.
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So I'm listening to an mp3 rip of a band called Leather Nunn, who were a flash in the pan like so many 80s metal bands. They recorded one album, Take The Night in 1986, and then the band split up.

It's generic heavy/power metal. Not bad, but not particularly memorable either. The vocals are the weak point - yawn-worthy Halford-esque worship to say the least. The riffs aren't particularly spectacular, either.

Apparently, though, original vinyl pressings of this album are rare and expensive. Supposedly it's the most expensive and sought-after metal pressing ever.

I was curious to see just how much it sells for, and I got my answer (last pricing).



I'd understand if it was the very first album in this style or something.'s not...and this private seller wants over $US 1 grand for it???

Ah, relative worth. It's such a fucking crock. I mean, I'll spend a fair bit on an album I really want that happens to be out of print, but NOT THAT MUCH.
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Because I refuse to use Twatter, and that appears to be the best way to get breaking news these days (sigh), I'll ask my flist:

Does anyone know why the cops blocked off Heidelberg Rd just after the Hoddle St overpass this morning? And why we all had to turn around and go up High St instead? And why I was hideously late for work?

Specifically here:

View Larger Map

The reason I didn't go fucking ballistic is because usually when they block off an entire main road, it's something to do with a crazy criminal or a particularly bad accident. Then again, I hope it wasn't something horrible like a murder or something...

Edit Never mind, I found it.

At least she's alright. Though now I can be righteously pissed off about being late to work. Meh.


In slightly less serious news, I have the most un-metal car in the world. Which means that when I have Schizophrenia blaring so loudly that my eardrums are about to stage a protest against noise pollution, and when people stare at me strangely, it's not because they're wondering what that cacophonous row is. They're wondering why it isn't coming from an eight-cylinder beast driven by a bogan.

Maybe I should put a V8 in it...


In even more music-related news, I'm wondering if I should go to AC/DC next Feb. Ruby, the lab manager (who's also a hard rock/metal fan...who'd've thunk it??) just offered to get some tickets through the work social club. Let's face it, the old bastards probably aren't coming back after that! Unless it's in caskets. Advise me! Should I shell out $150???
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The The lulz
Oh, the lulz

Yes, I do feel a little silly for believing it for even a moment, but still...

The funniest thing, though, is: "WHY FOR YOU PUT CRAPPY NU-METALZ ON SITE??? WAH WAH WAH! EYE H8 UUUU!!!!!!!"

I love April Fools' Day.
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Oh dear. Oh deary deary me.

Yes, cryptic post is crpytic. Not very interesting either, so move on...
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....ahem. Now back to your regularly scheduled whingefests.
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Rediscovering old favourites = FUCKING AWESOME.

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And I might have liked ...And Justice For All more if the speed had been closer to this...even the chipmunk vox would've been kinda cool...


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