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Another week, another podcast (on Thursday) - download here.

I felt more prepared for this one than I ever have before. Which is why it was a bit more relaxed and freeform - especially from my end!


Fire ants are not only evil - they can float!;
Using lasers (yes, I imagine it with a Dr Evil inflection EVERY TIME) to sample hair in forensics to create timelines;
The contraceptive pill and bloodclots;
A sociological experiment designed to mimic long-term space travel and its implications:
Theoretical="Respected scientist-turned-homeopath thinks bacteria can possibly produce radio signals;
And finally, a rant about homeopathy (I'm sorry to direct you to a Today Tonight segment, but a) Ed did it first and b) it's actually not a bad segment. For Today Tonight, anyway.

(I seriously still can't get over homeopathy and how fucking stupid it is....and how stupid people are for believing it...)

Oh, and I also rag on PETA in this episode, and possibly vegans...I don't actually have a problem with vegans unless they're the militant type (which unfortunately seems to be most of them) but I cannot stand PETA. Apologies if this offends you. Sort of.

RL update coming soon. I know I keep promising this, but eventually it will happen!
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[ profile] boh_thrashsody, [ profile] saithkar and [ profile] quoththecraven have all written some interesting and useful pieces on the clusterfuck known as this year's Australian federal election.

For my money, it's a bland, uninteresting and disappointing politician versus a complete and utter cunt. They're both playing the populist game and I want none of it.

Here's a Crikey piece which sums up my feelings on media coverage of this farce and pollsters and their stupidity. That's probably all I'm going to say about this election, apart from this: if Abbott gets in as PM, it will destroy any remaining respect I have for the electoral process. It will confirm that me and my kind (i.e. sane people) are far outnumbered by the cretinous unwashed bogan hordes who, for some reason, still have the right to breed and vote.

And I will seriously consider leaving the country. <===NOT A JOKE OR A HASTY PROCLAMATION.
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Sign up to the Australian Army!

Don't know the difference between "your" and "you are"? Don't worry! OUR PROOFREADERS DON'T EITHER!!

Be an illiterate tit with the rest of our fine, fighting soldiers!
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If this were to happen anywhere in would have to happen in South Australia.

Sick, twisted, fucked up....any other adjectives???


Apr. 9th, 2007 01:02 pm
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How can this guy still be alive?

So far 20 people have been killed in accidents on Victorian roads during Easter. If this guy is any indication as to how much people are drinking, I'm not surprised.

I suppose before the drink-driving blitz of the 80's onwards, people did this kind of thing regularly. Those of my parents' generation have no qualms about drinking a bottle of wine and then driving their family home.

But still...0.345 BA. I'd say that's impressive, but it's really not. Stupid? Yes.
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There are times when I feel nothing but contempt for the human race. And there are times when I feel nothing but utter bewilderment that we managed to evolve from the primates we once were. If our ancestors were half as stupid as some of the people I've encountered then I'm amazed that they even figured out the physical requirements of the act of procreation.

And there are times when I'm convinced that, no matter how well educated people are, they're STILL fucking stupid.

For example. You'd think in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, at a world-class institution, that people would know how to FLUSH A TOILET, wouldn't you?

Apparently not.

It's not that hard. You do your business, wipe your arse, press the flush button. Half button for a "light" load. Full button for a "heavy" load. If it doesn't all go down the S-bend, you wait till the cistern fills, then flush again. Right?

No. If you're a world-class scientist at an esteemed department in the University of Melbourne, you simply shut the lid, open the window and leave your gift for the next unfortunate person who has to use the toilet. Namely, moi.


This WhingefestTm brought to you by the letters T, M and I. Sorry if anyone was eating. Actually, no I'm not.


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