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Yet another late profile of the last few SoT episodes, up 'til the end of May and at the start of June.

Under the cut )
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Holy crap, I've been meaning to do this since....well, September last year. And obviously I've been negligent in my duties of obsessively documenting every Science on Top podcast that's been released, but I'm going to make up for it from now on!

So, for newbies to my Elgay, I'm involved in a weekly podcast called Science On Top (named after Prez Obama's declaration that we should put "science back on top of the agenda"), where we discuss the latest in science news that strikes our fancy. I'm not on every podcast due to night shift some weeks, but the stalwart is the Ed Brown, he of the Deep Radio Voice and the guy who conceived the show idea, and holds the whole thing together, so massive Sciencey Props to him (he took a couple of weeks off for the episodes early on in this update, so Lucas Randall, another stalwart, amateur astronomer and lover of all things space chaired those ones. Large Science Props to him, too!)

Anyway, the list! I won't be writing these up in as much detail as I used to, as I think that's what stopped me from posting them in the first place. Laziness is a virtue, damn it.

If you're interested, click the square with our ugly mugs to listen to the episode, check out the links accompanying the topics, and leave abuse constructive criticism in the comments section or write a review on iTunes etc etc.

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....yes, I'm bored at work, why do you ask?
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So, I've sucked at writing up the last few Science on Top episodes. Mostly because I missed episode 19 and, because I wasn't actually in it, just forgot about writing it up. And then each episode just kept piling up and it became a know how it is. "I'll do it! Really I will! I'll...ah bugger it. Mañana. And obviously, mañana turned into many mañanas. Yes, I'm aware that that's not the plural form of mañana.

Anyway, update dump:

Science on Top 19 - Piece By Piece )

Science on Top 20 - Smooshed )

Science on Top 21 - Don Who )

Science on Top 22 - Some Wrongness In There )

Science on Top 23: Open-Cut Mines are Scenic )

PHEW! Remind me to never delay writing up SoT again...
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Just letting you all know that Left of Crazy's been pushed off the bill for the gig at the Tote. No Tote for us.

Sorry for the late notice! I'd recommend you still go and see the Asmatics, because they're awesome.


May. 24th, 2006 09:16 am
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Love Outside Andromeda were very good yesterday. Everyone who missed it - sucks to be you, really. Yes, [ profile] vivienne_aster, that includes you. [ profile] visible_fred and I have a little "present" for you on Sunday. And no, it's not really a present. Insert evil laugh here.

Caught up with [ profile] woo_hoo last night as well. It was good to see her again. So good, in fact, that I spat beer at her. Yes, I enjoy her company that much. We went to the Metropolitan in North Melbourne and had chicken parma. Well, they said it was chicken. If it was a chicken, it was a chicken on some brilliant growth hormones. So if anyone's dying for an excellent parma that will actually fill you up for under 18 bucks, that's the place to go.

Today will probably be shit.

This was a pointless update, really.


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