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RIP Jay-Jay Winter. Asomvel were one of the coolest bands out of the UK since...well, since fucking Motörhead.

Memo to the Deities - Stop taking musos, you fucks. There are plenty of rapists, murderers, paedophiles and politicians still around.
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Another legend leaves us.

And even many years later, he still had it. Right 'til the end.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio.

EDIT - I think RJD would approve:

The Pyre of Kings - Ironsword
The feast is over
This was your time
Until we meet again
May rest you find
Farewell my king
Your spirit lives on

I will carry the torch
To your funeral pyre
All fled, all gone
And the lamps expire
Farewell my king
Your spirit lives on
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From a review by a fellow called Nokturn on Type O Negative's "World Coming Down", what he essentially claims was ToN's, and goth's, last great masterpiece:

"I saw Type O Negative live in early 2007. Peter Steele, who had just gotten out of prison and recently broken his cocaine addiction, looked older and more haggard than I'd ever seen him before. There was a certain hopelessness and apathy about his performance: most of the notes on his bass were hammered, and he generally seemed to not want to be there, despite the uptempo and (more) fun nature of the songs. But moreover, there was an acute depression about him: as he gazed on the audience, composed almost entirely of teenaged goth girls, all dolled up for their weekend concert, and the boys they dragged along with them (who were clearly hoping they could get laid if they only dressed up and acted to part enough), you could practically hear him thinking 'This is not what I wanted.' Perhaps the precise moment where you could see his heart break is when every little girl in the audience delightedly sung on with set closer 'Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)', completely unaware, or perhaps not even caring, that the lyrics were squarely about them. Peter Steele won't play material off 'World Coming Down' because it reminds him of the worst part of his life: 'I had no idea that it was an album about the future.' "

I couldn't agree more.
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Like [ profile] hravan, I'll honour you with the fun stuff rather than the miserable stuff.

R.I.P. Peter Steele. Maybe you're up there right now, corrupting an eternally young Mother Teresa as we speak.
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Brought to my attention by [ profile] hibernaldream

Rest in peace, Spacebat

You were probably the very first bat to ever travel outside Earth's atmosphere. At least you'll go down in history for that.

Cut for posterity )


I also found out today that a guy whose place we stayed at when we were in Amsterdam back in 2007 died last month.

Jan Smid was an original 60s child, full of optimism and love for people.

He helped organise the Magical Mystery Tour (that's obviously him in the picture), which took people with disabilities on day trips around Holland in a big coach, presumably while piping in happy Beatles music. I wonder if it's still operating. I really hope it is, as he was justifiably proud of it.

Rest in peace, you mad Lennon fan you. I was hoping we'd meet you again one day. If I believed in an afterlife...
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My father told me about this last night: yet another Sri Lankan journalist killed by (probably) the Sri Lankan government, for not toeing the official line about the ongoing crimes and corruption of said government. In this case, though, he very spookily predicted his own death in an editorial he wrote before he was shot by an unidentified gunman, published after his death.

Here is his editorial in the paper he cofounded 15 years ago, The Sunday Leader. And under the cut here, for the link-phobics and in case the government manages to take it down from the Leader site. They probably won't, but just in case. )

And here is a TIME article about Wickrematunga and his death.

I haven't been keeping abreast of the news in Sri Lanka. I now find this unspeakably sad, and for the first time in a while, I am unspeakably angry about what's going on there. The fact that if my parents had chosen to stay there that I would be in the middle of it makes me extremely grateful that they chose to leave.

Rest in peace, Lasantha Wickrematunge. You were a truly brave man, and I hope to god that what you fought so hard for will one day come to fruition, and that the criminals you spoke out against, and who were responsible for your death, are brought to justice.

Aw, shit.

Sep. 16th, 2008 08:09 am
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Richard Wright, keyboardist and founding member of Pink Floyd, has died of cancer.

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R.I.P. George Carlin.

One guy I wish I'd known more about when he was alive.

"Why is it when it's us, it's an abortion, but when it's a chicken, it's an omelette?"

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...R.I.P. James Brown

The Godfather is no longer among us.


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