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Night shift struck again, so my dulcet tones were not donated to this episode. My amateurish attempts will be there for al to hear in the next one. This one had Pen, Lucas, and the return of Jo Benhamu.

Direct link to the mp3 file; 1:02:14...and haven't listened to this one yet either...

But apparently it was damn good (they spoke for over a fucking hour, after all...) - smelly old people, giving paralysed rats some movement back through robotics, a genetic link to restless legs syndrome, Mars meteorites that DON'T show life (nice change from the usual astrobiological bullcrap), vision loss in astronauts, creepy people (again), the new (114th and 116th) elements, the Mediterranean diet and how it can apparently bolster mental and physical health, and a mathematical model that predicts a new level of AI.


And for something completely random and non-scientific: the first season trailer to one of the most intriguing shows ever made, Carnivàle.

Eva and I first saw this show a few years ago when it was being shown on channel 2, but for some reason we never saw the second season (THAT'S RIGHT I HAVEN'T SEEN IT SO IF ANY OF YOU BUGGERS SPOIL IT FOR ME I'LL EVISCERATE YOU). We both loved it, but promptly forgot it. And then, a couple of days ago we saw both seasons on sale for a steal - NABBED. And now I have to stop myself from watching them obsessively. Two episodes in and I'm remembering just how compelling it was. It's such a shame that they cancelled it after two seasons.
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"It was just for bungee-sex."
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I have a horrible feeling that Meredith Grey is going to live.

EDIT Dear god. Why do they feel the need to draw these things out so far? Season finales can bugger off.

God, she had better die.

EDIT the 2nd Is she going to spend this entire episode in limbo with the ghosts of fucktards past? Please, if she comes back, at least let her be braindead. Grey's Anatomy, with Meredith as the gibbering, drooling wreck. Fun fun fun.

EDIT the 3rd Oh, of course Mum's dead. Of course she must die so that Meredith might live. Of bloody course. Most unoriginal plotline ever. Not that I'm surprised. Oh, and Eva just pointed out the "best friend saves the day with a life-giving foot massage" plot thread.

Edit the 4th Awww. Reconciliation in limbo. AWWW.....

Edit the 5th She's looking remarkably well for someone who was dead for an hour.

Edit the 6th Wait, they just had a season finale, and they're showing the new episode of the next season next week? WTF??!! I thought that, generally, new seasons start LATER!!!

And what was accomplished in this season finale, really? Not much. We learned that the dead don't go over, and that Meredith is even more annoying when she's dying.

'Nuff said. This show blows. It probably won't stop me from watching it next week though.
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"Delta Goodrem rushed to hospital with appendicitis"

"Boys growing breasts because of lavender and tea-tree oil"

I'm watching freaking Veronica Mars. And I'm quite liking it. For shame, Shayne, for shame...and we didn't even find out who date-raped the girl! WTF!?!?!??!

Probably time to go to bed.


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