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This episode was a week late, as fate and events outside our control forced us to abandon recording last week. But we soldiered on this last Thursday just passed, sansLucas, who'll be taking an extended break from the show. The old crew one again!


We talked about male fruit flies turning to booze in the face of sexual rejection (yes, it actually happens), a pre-Cambrian fossil found with a skeleton, how the Russians want to dominate space (again), astronauts going blind, a new salt-tolerant strain of wheat, and why giant squids likely have such bloody enormous eyes.


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This is partly to balance out last night's Post o' DOOM.

As a Melbournian, I've put up with the supposed rivalry between us and Sydney for a very long time. I've heard people say that Melbourne is a drab, grey place that can't compare to Sydney's natural beauty, set next to its harbour with its bridge and its opera house blah blah blah. That all Melbourne is is a large, dirty port city.

It's true: Melbourne doesn't have Sydney's harbour with all its little outcroppings and lit-up ferries at night that prettily reflect off the water's surface. It's also true that Melbourne is decidedly colder. However, recently I saw something that stunned me: Melbourne from the air, hugging Port Phillip Bay.

It was a gorgeously sunny evening as we returned from our honeymoon. I still had the remains of a bad mood that I'd nurtured from the start of the flight (don't ask). And then we passed over the border between South Australia and Victoria. The sky was so clear that I could see directly below, with surprising clarity. I saw green Victoria and was shocked by the green: I'd forgotten that recently Victoria had received a shitload of rain. I was hoping to eventually see Melbourne by air but didn't hold out much hope, as the airport is west of the city and I didn't think the pilot would make a circle over the city. Turns out I was wrong. Either the pilot was a Melbourne boy, or he'd read my thoughts. Because we came up to Melbourne in such a way that I could see perfectly the entirety of enormous Port Phillip Bay. I saw the Rip, that historically nasty little channel between Points Lonsdale and Nepean that caused so much trouble for transport vessels. I could pick out little Corio Bay and Geelong; I even spied the shit farm in Werribee. I recognised the remarkably recognisable Bellarine Peninsula with its bay that looks like the open maw of one of the aliens from the same movie. And I saw the sprawl of Melbourne hugging the huge main bay, with the mouth of the Yarra River spewing into it. I saw how the suburbs give way, in fits and starts, to little settlements and farmland.

It was an utterly astounding view. I saw just how massive Melbourne is, how freaking majestic it is. How green it is. I saw the colourful scenery that Jeff (one of our past state premiers, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about) put up next to the exit to the Tulla freeway near to where we live: from the air, even that unsightly mess looks charming.

I've seen a fair few cities from air. Nothing compares to the sight I saw last Monday from that plane. It was amazing. And that pilot accommodatingly flew a wide circle around the grandiose sight, dipping the wings every now and then so both sides could see it. He must have been a Melbourne boy.

It's times like this when I realise that, for all my bitching and moaning about Melbourne, it's always going to be home to me. And that I'll always love it, whilst occasionally hating it.

And as for Sydney: you can keep your bloody harbour, and your humidity, and your ridiculous pieces of outdated architecture. I'll keep my nasty, dirty port city, thanks.

It's good to be home.


Nov. 5th, 2009 11:58 pm
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It's getting closer. :D
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One of the guys at work just directed me to NCBI ROFL.

Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me... this is better than the Darwin Awards and the Ig Nobel Awards combined!

Strangely enough, this has somehow boosted my faith in research. If only because a) I know that esoterica is not dead after all; and b) because I know I could do a much better job than the vast majority of publications described therein.

Though I don't think I'd ever be able to top this one.
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Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about. I've been waiting for warmer temperatures for waaaaaay too long.

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Apparently it's going to be 20 degrees (C) today...


I'm definitely leaving work early-ish today.



What this doesn't show is the FUCKING RAIN...

I suspect this would not have been as much of a shock had I actually looked at the forecast.
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As you all know, I've been performing Operation: Get In Early recently. I did hit a snag with this yesterday, and almost did today as well. However, apart from those little hiccups, it has gone relatively smoothly. I just need to start winding back my clock so I actually get to bed at a decent hour, to ensure that when I wake up before the sun's arisen I actually a) get out of bed rather than hitting "snooze"; and b) that I don't feel/look like this.

However, I am remembering what made public transport so shit, as [ profile] vivienne_aster alluded to.

a) If you miss your good earlier train with few people on it, you end up sharing your personal space with other people's morning faces, not to mention their smelly armpits.

b) On that note, you sometimes run into *GAH* schoolchildren. On the outbound journey, my carriage was set upon by obnoxious, loud, freaking irritating teenagers. I overheard one sweet lass manage to fit the expression "like, oh-my-god" into her speech three times before she took a breath. I was jostled by oversized backpacks. I saw what passes for "fashionable haricuts" these days. Fucking hell, I hate emos. If the power of a screeching giggle is ever harnessed and used in the electrical grid, I could have collected enough in that 15 minute trip to power Australia for the next few generations.

This is a good reason for getting a vasectomy. If I ever spawn something like this, I'll drown myself in a bucket.

However, on a good note, I have been much more productive today. See? There's always a non-rant.
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Why did I think that I would like even early Dragonforce??? I mean, bands that suck right now generally, in my experience, also sucked earlier in their careers too.

Actually, that's not true. In fact, that's the most false statement I've ever made. Whatever. This album sucks and I know this despite the fact that I've only listened to the first song so far.


Fuck power metal.

Actually, if it were not for the flowery crap in this, I'd probably like it better. That and the fact that they sound like they're sodomising an arcade game when they perform a solo.

Addendum Hm. When they slow down, they're kind of more interesting. But of course, they only do this for a nanosecond before going back to that ridiculously boring galloping speed...


That's it. If anyone admits to liking this band, I'm hunting them down and disembowelling them.

Addednum 3 Ok, there have been two songs that I'd listen to again. "Starfire" and "Disciples of Babylon" - because they have a bit more...what's that magic word? Oh yeah. VARIETY.

Addendum 4 Alright, fine. I grudgingly admit that the latter half of this album is better than the first half. Still derivative and mostly too fast for its own good, and I want to kill that godawful vocalist with barbeque tongs, but the latter half is definitely more interesting than the first half. I really don't know why they decided to stick with the first-half style than the latter-half style for future albums, but meh...

Here ends my rambling.
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Gliese d might be an ocean-world and Gliese e, while probably not able to support life as we know it, is the smallest planet outside out solar system ever detected.

And for the link-phobic )

The only thing that depresses me slightly is that it's unlikely that I'll ever see humans going there in my lifetime. Or, let's face it, that any humans will actually get there before the entire human race self-destructs.
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The The lulz
Oh, the lulz

Yes, I do feel a little silly for believing it for even a moment, but still...

The funniest thing, though, is: "WHY FOR YOU PUT CRAPPY NU-METALZ ON SITE??? WAH WAH WAH! EYE H8 UUUU!!!!!!!"

I love April Fools' Day.
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I just had lunch.

It was a souvlaki. With chips in it.

That's right, you didn't misread it. And yes, I knew there were to be chips served with the souvlaki, but I thought, according to the menu board, that they would be served alongside the souvlaki. Instead, they were in it.

Yes, I assure you, you are still reading correctly. THERE WERE BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS in my pitabread souvlaki with lamb and garlic sauce. There might have been some lettuce and tomato in there as well, but I couldn't really detect them through the BIG FAT SOGGY CHIPS.

Goddamn that was good...

I'm feeling slightly better after that. Well, my state of mind is, but my stomach is rebelling.

I also got a brownie. I think I'm gonna save it for tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to eat until then anyway.
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Actually, I mean it. Merry Chirstmas, everyone. So far it has been Le Awesome.

More details tomorrow. Right now I sleep.
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Rediscovering old favourites = FUCKING AWESOME.

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Today's been a bit of a write-off so far.

I took the day off so I could work on this review and take in my car for its complimentary service. Driving to Brighton through the city at 1.30 pm was about as fun as swallowing razor blades. I forgot that every fool and his canine companion come out and drive in the CBD at lunch time, most likely getting the canine companion to drive, judging by some of the driving performances I was subjected to. And again, after I'd cleared the CBD, they'd decided to close off two fucking lanes on Kingsway between the Yarra and Queens Parade, funneling everyone into the other lanes. I barely made it at 2 pm.

Well, I did make it, got Shiny inspected and washed. It is shiny again. At least until the next bird has a diarrhoea attack on it. Then made small talk with the nice girl who showed me back to the car (which I am no freaking good at, so I don't know why I even try), got in and drove back. The drive back was much more pleasant.

Anyway, the point of this post: I had Eva's computer with me so I could do some work in the dealership, and on the drive back, I put it on the front seat. Now, my new car has all these bells and whistles. It beeps at odd times, and most of the time I have no bloody idea what's going on. So, all of a sudden, over the loud strains of music, I hear this beeping, and I'm wondering, "Huh?" And then I see that the light warning that someone isn't wearing their seatbelt is flashing.

And I realise that the dumb fuck car has detected the weight of the computer in the front seat and thinks it's a person. NOT WEARING HIS/HER SEATBELT...OH NOEZ!

I'll never get used to these newfangled cars.


Meanwhile, I'm getting no bloody work done. I think I'll take Jezzy for a walk. It'll probably be more productive.
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This morning, instead of mooching around the house after dropping Eva off at Nth Melbourne station, I took Jezzy for a walk. She was absolutely ecstatic, as it's unusual for her to get a walk in the morning.

Anyway, after being down at the park for about a quarter of an hour, and her having had a fairly good run, I was about to take her home. But all of a sudden it was like a floodgate opened and a sea of labradors came flooding into the park. They were seeing-eye dogs in training, being supervised by three volunteers. The dogs were all young, all friendly, and all beautiful specimens of labrador. Seriously, about fifteen of them. Jezzy went nuts and had a great time. I almost died of teh cute.

I must go down there more often early in the morning. I actually feel much better for having been out of the house with the dog before skulking off to a day of drudgery at work. And the dog really needed it, as she's alone for most of the day and it's nice to break up her day with a fun morning and a walk in the evening.

To end on a slightly disturbing note, I have been reliably informed that there is such a thing as Fallout Boy fanfic. This unsettles me greatly. As I told my source, I shouldn't have been surprised. This does not stop me from being disturbed, though.

The Fringe

Oct. 4th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I can't believe I'd never seen anything at the Fringe Festival before this year.

So far we've seen Lysistrata, which has many of our lovely friends in it (and Eva did the costumes!) and it's had some really good press (yeah, I know guys, the pimpage has come way too late...sorry...). In fact, we're seeing it three times, because it rocks. :D

And tonight we saw Circus Trick Tease, which was utterly goddamned amazing. All three of these guys (well, two guys and a girl) are consummate professionals - their acrobatic abilities are amazing, they keep in character even while performing death-defying balancing acts (there's a story, albeit a very silly one!), and they're hilarious. If you have a chance to see them (i.e. if you're a Melburnian or are in Melbourne and have a spare $18), do so. If only for the balancing act which will have you holding the top of your head in awe and phantom pain (trust me, you'll know it when you see it). And here are some pics that someone else took.

Pimpage done.


Sep. 12th, 2008 04:09 pm
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It's beer o'clock.
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Welcome back, Metallica. All your previous sins are forgiven. Not forgotten, mind. But definitely forgiven.
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And I is sheepish.

The minute I walked into my Once-Again Favourite Café, the proprietress apologised profusely for fucking up my coffee order yesterday, and gave me another free one. I actually did half-heartedly protest, but she insisted.

Mnyes. Now I have coffee. Mnyes...

Now for a ramble about the new Batman movie. Thar be spoilers. )

That was not supposed to be so long. Oh well.


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