Mar. 25th, 2010 09:10 am
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I tried to turn over a new leaf this morning. So I got up very early.

I took a shower, even had breakfast quickly, and was out of the house by 20 past 7.

I was confronted by a wall of traffic - and I mean a fucking WALL - about halfway there. That good ol' turn onto the Chandler Highway...what the fuck is with that goddamned road? A series of twists and turns lengthened my journey by only 5 or so minutes, but my god it put me in a foul mood.

I got to work at 8.

And since then I've been sitting here, brain dead at my computer, staring blearily at the screen and sipping (and grimacing) at the worst coffee I've had in a long time.

I don't think this early morning crap is for me.
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I'VE BEEN SACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of tomorrow.
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Again I'm in the lab and I can hear the frigging birds chirping at false dawn.

My kingdom for a nuclear-powered explosive device...


Aug. 11th, 2006 11:07 am
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Williamsia muralis, I wish nothing upon you but the worst of times. I hope your bacterial lineage goes the way of the dodo.

No, I don't expect anyone to understand or care....

EDIT Oh yeah, and the same goes for all the bacterial strains I'm trying to characterise. You wanna grow so slowly that I can't actually work with you? Fine!!! It's the autoclave for you, you little motherfuckers. See how you like that.
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Well, I'm back peoples. Didn't everyone just miss me?


I hate Queensland. There is nothing worth seeing in Queensland. A certain person whom I would like to eviscerate lives in Queensland. If I ever rule the world, I'm nuking Queensland out of existence. After I've eviscerated said person.

Anyway, time to start work. Of course it is. It's stupid-o'clock, after all.

But before I do....


All the Italian fans hooning around at 7.30 in the freaking morning honking their horns and celebrating. Hello, you wankers. You did not just have sex in public, you won (or at least, other, much more talented people won) a soccer contest. Get the hell over it. If I want to cross the road at my own leisure, I will do so. I hope you're drunk to the eyeballs and that there's a nice tree with your name on it somewhere.

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Actinobacterial phylogeny based upon the 16S rRNA gene.

For those of you scratching your head in confusion, fear not. You don't need to know the details. Trust me, you don't want to know the details.

Suffice it to say that I hate it more than T-RFLP. Which is something else you don't need to know the details of. But rest assured that if there is a hell, it will be full of T-RFLP and Actinobacterial phylogeny based upon the 16S rRNA gene. At least the rest of you won't understand what's going on in hell. I will, and it's worse than a pineapple shoved into your rectum at high speed. I would imagine.


Yeah, I'm on bugger-all sleep. Can't you tell?
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To all of my friends at the pub tonight...


There. That's what you get for me being in the lab working while you bastards get happily soused.

Yours faithfully,

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Since starting this infernal job in the Media Preparation Unit, I have discovered that 6 am does in fact exist.

I could have gone the rest of my life never knowing that.

Not even coffee is working on me now.


Ah crap...

Jun. 15th, 2006 07:54 am
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Time to go earn money...

Tell me if anything interesting happens out there in the real world, will ya?


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